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  1. Thanks Tom. I take that into account so that all Tools work and the registry doesn't get messed up. Doesn't take long. anyway Thanks for the advice. Best regards Elmar
  2. Hi there. I currently have P3D installed on a separate SSD drive and a lot of my airports are installed outside the sim, added with the XML files, which also includes AS Airports. While installing AIRBUS Pro, be default the program installed also outside the SIM in my airport directory alongside other AS software, which is great. That drive is beginning to get crowded right now, so I am in the process of moving my airport directory to another SSD drive and change the path in the XML files. Question: Can I move A319-21 onto the other SSD drive as well, and simply change the path of the relevant XML file, or will this cause a problem with the CONFIG and Livery tool and updates??. The directory for Airbus A318 currently occupies 96GB and moving it would be great help. I do have a text file of 96GB which is a log file, do I am going to delete that one and disable logging. But still like to move it Thanks Elmar
  3. I go the same problem. None of the repaints seem to be available....comes back with File not found?! best regards Elmar
  4. It is installed twice for both simulators. If you use Mega Airport Frankfurt newest version then you only use one set of credits.
  5. Thanks Oliver If I uninstall AES for both FS9 and FSX can I start redistriuting the Credits. I had bought some airports single FS9 and FSX from one publisher Frankfurt being one and now I have complete new FS9 adn X version which I would like to use. Otherwise I have to strip both Simulators down and start reinstalling everything. Thanks ELmar
  6. Hi Oliver I have FS9 and FSX installed on my system. I was under the impression that once I have Airport in FS9 installed and I install the the FSX version then no credits are charged. I just lost 8 points with AS Stuttgart FS9 and FSX as well as Mega Airport Barcelona. With Barcelona I run the update from Aerosoft which caused that problem. Is it possible to uninstall AES vof FS9 and X and reinstall again start with assigning Credits all over again. Otherwise many thanks for a great product. Thanks Elmar
  7. Hallo Oliver Many Thanks, I have just done it on AES 1.99 and it worked out fine. rgds Elmar PS: It is one of the nicest Add-ons
  8. Hallo Oliver I accidently installed GAP 1 twice and from then on evreything in AES went wrong. AES removed the duplicate layer but with it, also some Airports I had used my Credit for (EDDM and EDDS plus various others). I Uninstalled AES, then re-installed it again - Credit used now show 72 with 8 to spare but none of active previous Airports are usable. Is there anyway I can start new with AES: 1. Assign all the Credit I bought (7 sets) 2. then activate the Aiports from scratch without having to re-install FS9. I think I may have removed some files I shouldn't have. many thanks Elmar
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