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  1. The options MCDU didn't appear to solve the problem either...
  2. Hello! I know there are probably a lot of opinions out there on this one...but I currently am running an AMD Radeon RX580 graphics card with Intel i5-4690K/3.50GHz, Windows 10. Looking to upgrade with another AMD - doesn't have to be top of the line but my FPS right now are suffering around 25-30 FPS. Any suggestions? Thanks you in advance! -Casey
  3. That did not appear to fix the issue. I don't even see a third MCDU on the A320?
  4. I recently updated my software from the Aerosoft Updater as well as updated my P3D to v4.5. Most of the preset cockpit views from the view bar in the top left work but some of them go to a location in the aircraft that looks like someone drew the graphics with crayons (the far left option I noticed, the Captain seat looking straight ahead, and he 5th option for the left FMC). To get to the captain seat view I have to right click, go to cockpit views, and select EZCA cam. This wasn't the case in the previous Aerosoft version or with the p3D v4.4 - all the preset tiles worked 4.0 getting to the correct view. I've attached pictures, in order, for the view I get when I click the captain seat and left FMC options. It's odd. Haven't checked the 319/21 yet. Anyone have a fix? Thanks!
  5. For the flashing 29.92, you must click the BARO knobs on the left and right bulkheads of the cockpit to stop them from flashing. Regarding the inability to enter crossing restrictions, I had some trouble entering restrictions at first but was able to get them in there after some different format attempts with how I was entering them into the FMC. At the moment I forget exactly how I entered the restrictions though. Apologies. Hope this helps somewhat.
  6. I too have had issues with the FMS only loading parts of SIDs. In a few instances the SIDs have not even had multiple transitions available to select (for example, the ORCKA2 out of KLAX has HAILO, LSV, and BEALE transitions on Navigraph charts but only loads the BEALE transition in the FMS and the other two are not even available to select. There are also intermediate points on the SID missing.
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