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  1. wooow thank you solved it , how move jetway?
  2. thanks @mopperle & @masterhawk bergen is ok but same problem in my enoa airport please see my genoa airport (miss jetway) and see aerosoft image . with jetway
  3. 1 & 2- thanks for your response pls see my photo , yes i insttal 1.5.2 and can see in my addon 3. no , how can i do it?
  4. yes i can click ok and ignore it and continue setup , but when i go to scenery not show me correct (miss Jetway) for example aerosoft Bergen v1.03 2- get this massage for all aerosoft scenery on p3dv4 i think This is not natural. 3- i install last version sode 1.5.2 And it usually should not be a problem but i have problem
  5. hi when i want installing any scenery from aerosoft on p3d v4 get me this error . i install sode v1.5.2
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