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  1. Hello, sorry for the late response. I've been very sick over the past few days and haven't had time to check the forums.
  2. How do I do the 123 jetways? I'm a little confused.
  3. I just thought of something. Do you think I should uninstall all of my FSDT products? (KDFW, KJFKV2, KLAX, and PHNL) and then reinstall them again? Or should I try the 123 jetways first, and if that doesn't work then should I uninstall/reinstall them?
  4. I have not tried the "123 Jetways animated with inverse-kinematics in FSX" I can give that a try. FSDT tells me that I have another KLAX installed, and I showed them with the airport scanner that I only have their FSDT product installed. I have never liked GSX to begin with. (Even though FSDT includes it with their products). I've never been a fan of their product. Do you think I should uninstall all my FSDT products and then reinstall them again? I apologize for the late response Herman. I've been sick with a cold, which is why I haven't been online over the past few days.
  5. I've also ran into this problem as well.
  6. I've always liked AES because in my personal opinion, I like it better than the GSX. I have tried to get in touch with FSDT, but they say that "They can't reproduce the problem." Going back to what you said in 99.999% that something changed in my system, that's what I'm trying to figure out what else can be fixed. Should I reach out to FSDT again? Also maybe you could help me figure out what changed? I don't want to look through any settings without accidentally clicking on something and making things worse. I do appreciate all the help/advice you guys are giving me.
  7. Greetings, I apologize for the late response. I've been caught up with work and haven't had much time to look at the forums. To answer your 1st question, after I updated KLAX via the FSDTLive Update, the jetways seemed to have worked fine. I didn't notice anything going wrong at all. A few days later when I tried to fly out of KLAX, that's when I noticed that AES wasn't working. I haven't changed any of the settings at all. I'm also noticing the same issues at PHNL, and KDFW. Even though the AESHelp application says that I have credits working for PHNL, and KDFW. I will take a look at the other suggestions you have when I return home after today.
  8. I get that but AES did work with the new KJFKV2 UPDATE? What if I ran Simple Airport Scanner to make sure there wasn't any duplicate airports?
  9. So there's basically nothing I can do? I wish I can just have the jetways to work that's all
  10. As you'll see here, both PHNL, and KDFW are installed and activated. However, if you look at my first screenshots, you'll see that KDFW, and PHNL are activated with AES.
  11. Good morning, Here is a screenshot showing that KLAX is installed and activated. But I'm not sure why AES is still giving me that message? That's the part where I'm confused. After I ran the FSDTLive Update, I flew out of KJFKV2, (which was part of the update, and you'll see that AES works just fine.) Attached below is KDFW and AES does not work there at all. I can confirm that it did not work (for KLAX, KDFW, and PHNL)
  12. Will it be able to recognize the new update? I do remember it doing it right after I updated KLAX via the FSDT Live Update. What if I reinstalled an older version of KLAX from FSDT? What else could it be if it wasn't the recent update? I do remember that KJFK was recently updated, and I just saw AES working today.
  13. Good morning, For the past week, I've had some issues with AES. I was trying to do a flight out of FSDT KLAX the other day. I noticed that AES wasn't working. So I exited FSX. I opened up the AESHelp for FSX. Then I got this message; "Add-on Scenery "FSDreamTeam Los Angeles Int'l" not found or are not active. Please install or activate in the Scenery Library first." I then went into my downloads to see that it was installed. I'm not sure what's going on. May someone please help me figure this out. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, James Stump
  14. Good afternoon, I'm still having trouble with AES and SODE. Someone told me to "Disable the Airport related SODE xml may help here. SODE as AES soes nothing without having a Airport related config file. Both activ will not work." I wasn't quite sure what he meant. But if I were to delete the things highlighted in blue, would that disable it?
  15. Hello, I tried doing that and it's still appearing. Note that everything is up to date.
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