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  1. Is the ILS not tied to the .bgl file as Trevor has alluded to? I'm using the latest AIRAC 2106 etc, I have just updated my Navaids as well using the tool from aero.sors.fr. Since the airport has only been open for 2 years (and I'm aware of the airport being around some 13 years before that) I'm pretty sure the ILS frequency hasn't changed. This is why I asked if the devs had done this to make it easier for the more casual pilots, which I can fully understand. Just seems unusual to use a different frequency than the real one.
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve noticed that the ILS isn’t on the correct frequency for rwy 23 at Murcia. I flew in twice yesterday; both times the aircraft (PMDG NGXu) didn’t recognise an ILS signal. I have checked the manual and it says that there are two ILS frequencies (one for each runway) and neither match the real-world frequency of 111.75. On top of this, the airport info in the manual says it’s 9 km South of Kiruna city! (Typo?) I was wondering if the developers added this for ease-of-use (I understand not everyone wants to fly a VOR approach!) as at the real airport, there is only an ILS for rwy 23. Rwy 05 has a VOR approach and that’s it (or you make a visual approach if San Javier Approach is feeling generous!) Not sure if anyone else has had this issue. Hope someone can help!
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