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  1. Hello everyone. Can I use any of this sources to upload weather and tracks? JetPlan WSI optima pilot weather brief. I have an account with both Thx RM
  2. Hello- Can someone help me to fix the output format of the Print Flight Plan (OFP), when I am trying to print or save the flight plan as PDF some portions of it gets out of alignment. please look at the load planning Plan Limit Thank you all RM
  3. rafmad

    Fuel Editor

    Thank you srcooke and Tom A320, Great help. RM
  4. rafmad

    Fuel Editor

    Thank you for the quick response, but I am looking to change the fuel policy requirements, not the fuel burn of a specific aircraft. it use to be an icon on top in the menu with a calculator shape named fuel editor, Thank you RM
  5. rafmad

    Fuel Editor

    Thank you sir, I did the hotfix and the runtime, still not showing. maybe I am looking at the wrong place Thx RM
  6. How can I access to the http://airlinerperformance.net/ link?
  7. Hello Everyone, I noticed that the fuel editor is not longer accessible or existing in my PFPX, I am using V.1.28. Can anyone help me? or the developer just took it off? RM
  8. hello, do you data for PFPX and TOPCAT for the Boeing 737CL/NG?


    Thank you