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  1. Dear Aerosoft, Is het possible for future updates to have a JHMCS? So in example: that every direction you look, you can see this circle in the center of the screen? Sounds like an easy job, or can gauges only be at one place at a time?
  2. Where can I download? Link seems to be dead.
  3. Dude, this topic is about SCHIPHOL. Thank Aerosoft for THAT and other great products and STOP whining about all kinds of other airports, really ENNOYING! @ Shaun: Great, this way saves a lot of FPS, and when you're flying a 747 with 250 kts, you're not looking out at buildings 3000ft below you!
  4. Well this is just unhealthy! What an eye for detail...
  5. It looks okey, but not real like this one, take a look.. Look at the font, colours, and width of the attitude indicator.
  6. Dear Aerosoft, When I flew the last mission (Leeuwarden approach), I noticed that you changed the scenery for Leeuwarden. Where do I find these files? So I can use the scenery outside the mission.
  7. I just think orange is the right colour for the F-16. I liked the gray/white/black J-016!
  8. I don't like it.. In my opinion not very 'military'..
  9. That is where this airshow is held, the have the airshow in the dark there. See airliners.net
  10. F-16 Demo Display of the KLu at the "Midsummer bonfire" at midnight. Show is at Kauhava, Finland. Flares are not very nice, but it's the idea..
  11. Dear Mathijs Kok, I think this is a bad case from Aerosoft! Yes, hardware is becoming cheaper but there are still people who cant afford to buy new hardware every year. So I think it's important that developers should trive for low FPS. But good news that the Catalina would run smooth.
  12. No Christmas shot from me, just pure winter flying.. Good Luck everyone!
  13. Better read the rules first.. Only one screenshot allowed and the theme is approach in the evening.
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