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  1. That only works on the Aerosoft Beaver (as far as the rotating of the textures goes) the rest of it should be ok if the textures are the same layout. As Mike says that will get you up and running but the specular textures will still be for the old plane and thus there will be some discrepancies in that area. Try it and see if it works for you. I have been editing all the specular textures too, but leave the bump ones alone. Also I have found a few of my FS9 textures do not completely line up in FSX and so I have had to tweak some of the repaints especially in the door and cowling areas.
  2. araig

    Thanks Nathan

    Nick, Glad you like it! Nathan
  3. Mathijs, If you are interested I would be more than happy to send you any of my textures. Nathan (araig)
  4. Guys, I'd be interested in the answer to that one too, as I have found the same thing as Vinflyer. Cheers araig
  5. Thanks for the comments David and dewliner, here's another FS9 repaint I have converted over. Not quite there yet but getting close!
  6. Well I haven't been around for a while (real life matters) but the FSX Beaver has brought me out of the woodworks. Having done quite a few repaints for the FS9 version I thought I would see if I could convert one over to the FSX version and here are the results so far. Overall not too difficult, but I will await the official repaint kit before uploading just incase there's something in there that I should be aware of. Cheers araig
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