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  1. 287 downloads

    N101SY by Nathan Havercroft
  2. 192 downloads

    Labrador Airways CF-OCG floats by Nathan Havercroft
  3. 183 downloads

    Eastern Provincial Airways CF-JAT Skis by Nathan Havercroft
  4. 164 downloads

    Eastern Provinical Airways CF-JAT floats by Nathan Havercroft
  5. I painted quite a few Candian Beavers, mainly from the Labrador region, some were included in one of the official updates to the Beaver so you should already have those. As mopperle said, there are some in the download section (I just added two repaints) of the forums and more at avsim. If you search for Aerosoft Beaver you should be able to find them.
  6. 330 downloads

    Taquan Air Beaver repaint by Nathan Havercroft
  7. 228 downloads

    C-FODB Beaver repaint by Nathan Havercroft
  8. Mathijs, Just to let you know that the last Perris Valley Skydiving photo is an old shot, as the aircraft has been repainted into the following livery, http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1241964/L/ Not that it matters I guess especially as the new one is similar to the grey shark. As for other liveries how about this USAFA one, http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1147944/L/ If the vertical (seaplane) fins on the horizontal stabilizer are an issue I understand that they are trying to get an exemption to remove them. Nathan H PS. Thanks for linking some of my A.net photos!
  9. Mathijs, I have my paint brushes ready and you know the repaints I suggested! araig (Nathan)
  10. Tom, As Shaun says the ships are not present in the current FSX incarnation. You'll have to wait for the pending release for those. araig
  11. That looks like my install, just leave them there. You should also have the actual aircraft installed under simobjects rotorcraft right? araig
  12. Tom, Thanks for the compliments I hope you like them. araig
  13. Looks great, I'd definitely like to see some of the ships placed near San Diego so I can fly the Seahawk from North Island.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. It's good to know folks out there are flying the repaints. At the moment I don't have any plans on doing any more seahawks for a while, I need a change
  15. It's done and uploaded to avsim so it should be available shortly. I hope you enjoy it.
  16. and here's the Scorpion colour bird that I am finishing off. Not sure when it will be done but hopefully in a week or so.
  17. Thanks Mathijs, glad you like it. Here's another HSL-43 paint job, this time a Detatchment 6 bird. I just uploaded it to avsim so get it in a few !
  18. Here's the next one out of the paint shop and on its way to avsim, HSL-43 "Battle Cats" from Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado CA.
  19. I just read the review on avsim and it gets a gold star, so congratulations to all involved. I work for a company based in Muenster and have flow into FMO many times so having looked at the screenshots it is exactly as I recall, you guys have done a great job with this scenery. Any idea on the FSX release date?, I know I could order the FS9 copy and then wait for the free upgrade but I'd rather not bother with that if the FSX version is going to be released soon. Thanks, araig
  20. Here's another repaint that should be up at avsim shortly. It's an HSL-51 bird that would be great for online flying with someone else in the colour bird provided in the payware package.
  21. Well I just picked up the Seahawk after being a bit of a helo-phobe and I have to say I love it. So of course the next thing I had to do was repaint it! So here are some screen shots of an HSL-42 repaint. I should have it available on avsim later today, aong with another very basic repaint. araig
  22. I had a problem with a corrupt log book after I tried to edit it by deleting some flights from it. I didn't have any crashing issues but it did stop logging flights. The same fix got everything working again.
  23. Mathijs, Unfortunately I am on a business trip this week and don't have the textures on my laptop, so I can't get them to you in time. Maybe for the next livery pack?! Nathan
  24. Here's the latest FSX Beaver repaint I have finished. If it's of interest to Mathijs, I'll send it to him otherwise expect to see it at avsim.
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