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  1. jetsflier,

    They are still in the same retro schemes as before but the US Airways title have been replaced with the American title.

    Speaking of retro schemes, any interest in this one?

    I'm not 100% happy with the curvature of the blue lines on the nose and tail but I don't have time to tweak them right now so I will upload this as V1 and if I get a chance to update them in the future I will.



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  2. CFM is coming along and should be done this week.

    Will take a look at some of the heritage schemes, with the old AW probably the first to be attempted.

    Just uploaded V2.1 of the IAE repaint to correct the VC_L texture. Sorry about letting that slip through, not sure how it happened but thanks for everyone's patience.

    EDIT: Managed to get the CFM repaint finished and uploaded today. So please, download, enjoy and give your feedback.


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  3. Grayal,

    The way I see it is, the white between the two (blue and red) is consistent all the way around, at least based on the reference pics I downloaded. Of course the angle of the photos and the angle of my screen shots can make this look distorted. So I tried to paint it with a consistent gap and there's a chance that the 2D paint to 3D model may also change things (in fact I'm not 100% happy with the repaint for this reason).

    So I'll upload it now and let you all give it a fly and then take the feedback in to the CFM version.



  4. I take full blame for you thinking I may have said something negative to araigs repaint... I do not and will not condemn anothers work... on the contrary... quite good work.

    Thanks but I can't take much credit, all I've done is renumber and rename. 99.9% of the credit has to go to the original Aerosoft artist.

  5. N414DF heading to the download section soon. Once again I have used my own reference photographs for this repaint. Taken on 08/18/2007 this aircraft did not carry black markings on the inside of the sponsoons and it also did not carry any home base markings. Thus that is how she is presented in this repaint.

    Also available from avsim and flightsim.com shortly.



  6. it is not a small nuance..........What you paint on one side, you paint on the other, the sponsons (Engine House) outter is black, so should the inside ? check it out..........

    Sorry sir, but as others have pointed out that's not always the case. Here's one of my own photos I used for reference, that clearly shows the inside of the sponson is white on this particular aircraft at this particular time. As you know we can't repaint every livery this aircraft has ever worn and so I chose to repaint it as I saw it. Should I get to a repaint where the reference photos show black on the inside of the sponson I'll be sure to paint it that way. I hope you will enjoy both versions!


  7. All that's changed from the original Aerosoft version is the registration number, nose number and home base. I used my own reference photos for both but did not concentrate on any changes beyond those aforementioned. If you care to elaborate then I may change things but unfortunately I don't have time to search for every nuance.

  8. Outstanding... 2 down 13 togo vtw this is roundup week at Ryan, all will be in for summer fire season planning, before heading off to their respective positions...

    Just uploaded the repaint to both avsim and flightsim.com so should be published tomorrow.




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