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  1. Strange, for me it works. Try these shortcuts: Hope it works for you too. Otherwise, try another web browser.
  2. Finally, with XP 11.51r1 and the latest Scenery Gateway update, the missing airports are now available in the GPS πŸ™‚
  3. Ben Supnik writes in the latest posting in the development blog: "[...] We are still fixing bugs in the Gateway airports export; it’s not ready for beta 2, but it should be in the next beta after this one [...]. So there is still hope. If the airports do not appear in the GPS after the airports are updated from the scenery gateway, I will ask LR whether what Jennifer said (see quote earlier in this thread) is still valid. Is that crash reproducible, if yes, how?
  4. Great news, thanks for the report. Question: Did that change with the newest XP beta?
  5. Well, either what Jennifer from LR stated back in 2017 is no longer valid, or the airfields were added to the scenery gateway too late for XP 11.50?! If you like to hack your local nav database, this info may be helpful: https://developer.x-plane.com/article/navdata-in-x-plane-11/
  6. It looks like that the issue (= X-Plane backward-support of OpenGL under macOS) is a general one, and not limited to Seychelles4XPlane (or any other of our add-ons for X-Plane). At the moment I can only recommend using Metal (running great with our add-ons, no issues were reported so far with Metal). If you cannot switch from OpenGL to Metal due to other add-ons you've installed, I suggest to file a bug report directly to Laminar Research. The more reports from different systems and situations, and the more detailed the reports are, the better: http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugrep
  7. This is one of the possible solutions, lately implemented for ShortFinal Design a.k.a. MisterX: Drop me a personal message here in the forum, if you're interested in a custom solution. Greets, Matthias
  8. Due you post in the Maps2XPlane sub-forum, I assume you ask about the procedure that I use for my own products and business customers: I've developed my own toolset for creating and editing X-Plane Meshes. More info about my tool to edit existing X-Plane meshes are available in the development blog on my website. In short: The tool isn't publicly available until now, I'm still improving it in partnership with renowned scenery developers. Who's running a development studio and interested in a cooperation, can read here more about my mesh development- and mesh editing-services.
  9. "Matthias (Maps2XPlane)" πŸ˜‰ Just tried with the same configuration and settings than last night, but "Use Metal driver for faster rendering" disabled, and I'm now able to reproduce your issue: a drop to ~2-3fps when I move the camera to certain angles (independent of different graphic settings). Now the strange thing: That happens only with 11.50r3 (metal disabled) and not with 11.41r1. Did Laminar Research broke something with the continuation of OpenGL support in 11.50r3, I don't know, but we'll try to clarify that?! @Heinz Flichtbeil and @grrr05: Can you rep
  10. Hello Brandon, First of all, thanks for purchasing Seychelles4XPlane and your detailed feedback. Yes, we test on macOS – actually our development team develops and tests on various OS. And also our publisher Aerosoft tested the scenery package intensively before the release. The issue you mention is really strange, and the first performance issue report that we receive since the launch of Seychelles4XPlane. I for example run a iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019), 3,7 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5, 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB. So a far weaker system than
  11. ...even also with X-Plane 11.50b16. We're ready for the rc1 πŸ˜‰ Flyover the neighboring islands of D'Arros (click for 4K).
  12. <<< Relaxed day on a beach in the Farquhar Atoll, near the airstrip on Île du Nord (FSFA)
  13. No magic, just hit the Download-Buttons shared in the first posting in this thread. When the downloads are finished, extract the ZIP files. In the extracted folders you'll find a README.txt with installation instructions – quite simple, as usual: just drop the scenery into your "Custom Scenery" folder. All available add-ons (airfields, research stations, base camps) are listed on this sub-site of my website. Enjoy #Antarctica4XPlane!
  14. According to Jennifer from Laminar Research on Apr 6, 2017: "[...] the GPS and FMS only display airport information that is from the Gateway and included in the default data. If we allowed for all custom sceneries to add or overwrite information for the GPS, chaos and insanity would ensue. For changes to be applied to the data, submit revised scenery to the Gateway [...]" I just saw, that all missing Seychelles airports were recently submitted to the Scenery Gateway. Therewith I'd expect, that the GPS will recognize the questionable airports with one of the next X-Plane updates. We
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