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  1. Thank you, I am going to try... & buy. Igor
  2. Ok, thank you, waiting for the new installer... Igor
  3. I uninstalled run time visual c++ and installed it again ("manually", by the same microsoft url you indicate), but FlorenceX try to install it anyway, whether I have run time visual c++ on my sistem or not. For this reason I asked about a "clean" Florence X installer. I would like very much to purchase the product. I am from Florence, impossible to miss it ... Igor
  4. Ok, thank you. I tried again to install Florence X. It seems that the scenery installation is ok, but when the installer tries to install visual c++ 2005 redistributable I get the error. Obviuosly I tried do uninstall visual c++ redis. but with no result. Is there a separated installer without visual c++? Igor
  5. When I try to install Florence X (I downloaded today) on my Vista-fsx-sp1, I get the error: UseDLL failed. Error..117 Do you have any idea? Thank you. Igor vista home premium cpu e6400 2 Gb ram vga geforce 8600 gts
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