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  1. Is there a way to get the Flight1 GTN750 or 650 into the twin otter panel?
  2. I'm getting this also. Didn't know at the time if it was supposed to be that way or if it was an error.
  3. I actually don't use any addon weather engines. I just plug in weather information at my departure airport and winds aloft into the default weather application, and sometime before TOD I'll plug in weather at my destination. I use P3Dv3 btw.
  4. Still having problems with nav following, it doesn't seem to like tail or crosswinds very much. It seems to behave itself during climbout and descent, cruise is where it seems to have problems.
  5. I Just got done with a flight using the 5c hotfix. Still looks like it could use a little tweaking. The nav following issue is greatly improved, however it seems to follow the fmc about a mile to the right, haven't tried doing any precision approaches yet. Perhaps my earlier assessment was a bit hasty. Looking at things from my perspective after spending $50 on an aircraft it can be frustrating having this bugs. It is good to see a developer who tries to solve these problems fairly quickly instead of waiting for a major patch to fix them.
  6. I quite frankly agree. After 7 years of development, a V1.0 release shouldn't have so many bugs to warrant 5 hotfixes within a week after release.
  7. The VS switch allows you to enter a vertical speed you want the aircraft to fly. You're now responsible for maintaining airspeed with the throttles. The SPEED switch allows you to enter an airspeed and the autopilot will manipulate the aircraft's vertical speed to try and meet it. Once at the selected altitude the aircraft will level off and the autopilot will maintain the selected altitude. You're now responsible for keeping your desired speed by using the throttles. The throttles have a CLIMB, TOGA, and MAX POWER detent to assist you during takeoff and climbout.
  8. Midway through flight, a lot of MFD details including airplane model, and heading bug disappeared, waypoints would float away also. I'm also getting the no nosewheel steering animation bug. I'll post a picture to show what I mean. Picture was during my approach. The errant MFD details did eventually decide to join me for our final approach. Notice the errant magenta line and missing airplane model. It was a rather interesting first flight to say the least. Also an unrelated bug to my MFD issues, I hit the RAM AIR switch on accident when hitting the packs during my ground checks and it began blinking rapidly and couldn't get it to turn off, didn't affect anything though. Version: Sim: P3D v3.4
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