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  1. Hello, Thanks for that, I worry myself it’s something to do with my set up but this makes me feel better. Hopefully they find a fix. Thanks, Jonathan
  2. Hello again, I’ve found the folder in question and the TrueGlass.dll is not within that folder. I’ve uninstalled the A330 and downloaded a fresh copy from my Aerosoft account. I’ve checked the gauges folder again and the dll is still not there. I disabled my anti virus and ran the installer as Admin. It did make an attempt to install TrueGlass as a box came up whilst running the Aerosoft installer. I’ve since installed the QualityWings B787 and that has installed TrueGlass for me and the rain drops appear to now be showing up on the A330. Does True Glass have a
  3. Hello, Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve just had a look on my PC. Where is the sim gauges folder located exactly? I can’t seem to find it. I’ve found a True Glass installer in the Aerosoft A330 folder and I’ve ran it as Admin. Thanks, Jonathan
  4. Hello, I am really enjoying flying the A330 in Prepar3D V5. I was just wondering in the future will the rain effects on the windscreen be able to be implemented like they were in Prepar3D V4? At the moment no rain drops appear, I’m assuming it’s due to the fact that TrueGlass isn’t V5 compatible yet, is that correct? The rain drops really add to the immersion. Thanks for your time, Jonathan
  5. Hello again, Just to update - I appear to have fixed it (I've impressed myself hah). I uninstalled V4 Client and re-installed it and now I have all my lights back on. Must have been a faulty Shader. Thanks again, Jonathan.
  6. Hi Mathijs, Many thanks for your response. I get confused quite easily, it takes me a lot of researching to get things set up correctly. Are you saying it could be a problem with my setup or a known V4 issue? I've read on various forums other people are experiencing problems certain sceneries in V4. Is there anything you can suggest? Thanks for replying and on a Sunday too, now that is service! Thanks, Jonathan.
  7. Hi Tom, Thanks for the quick reply, I am using Professional for all of them. Thanks, Jonathan.
  8. Hello, I've been having an issue with missing runway lights at the following airports: LSZH, EDDF, EDDS, EDDT, LEPA & LEMG I've tried problem solving the issue with various other add-ons I use such as PTA as I wondered if that could be the cause. I also believe now it could be a dynamic lighting issue. I've read through this thread and my problem seems to be similar to what's being described above. Do you think it's likely we will see a fix with the upcoming Prepar3D V4 update or is there any current work around to get the runway lights and Dynamic Lighting working?
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