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  1. Many thanks for that info, very useful.
  2. I am not convinced of that. I set up a short flight and deliberately put short measures in the centre tanks and 100% in the wing tanks. During my flight, the engines stopped when the centre tanks reached around 2% and the wing tanks remained at 100%. To me, that means there should be a way of moving fuel from wings to centre. If there isn't, then the wing tanks are surplus to requirements and could be set to 0% from the start.
  3. I note that some of the aircraft in the Twin Otter Extended pack have 2 fuel tanks and some have 4 fuel tanks. In the versions that have 4 tanks, how does one move fuel from the wing tanks to the centre tanks?
    This is a very nice addition to the Twotter, especially for the Glasgow - Barra flight.
  4. Works perfectly fine for me I installed it following the very simple instructions.
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