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  1. Zur Warnung: X-Assign funktioniert mit X Plane 11 NICHT.
  2. Some more research: The limiting of the "shear amount" works, if external weather is loaded "sim/weather/use_real_weather_bool" is set to 0, and one variable is changed by the user in the weather. Unfortunately, the manual part is still there.
  3. After some more research, I can limit the "Shear Amount" (as set in the wind layer) with this script. But I cannot limit any external weather. Most likely, it is overwritten immediately.
  4. Is it possible to limit the variable winds in X Plane 11? I would like to limit the variation to say 10 degrees. Injecting weather with the X Plane 11 real weather or FS Global Real Weather often yields rapid changes between like 5 and 60 degrees. I tried with the attached Lua script. But it does not work. I am trying to set the shear_direction_degt[0] data ref, thinking this would be the value were the variability of the wind is stored. But my changes are either ignored, or the injected weather (by FS Global Real Weather) is changed completely. Probably it is the wrong idea to start with. If this is not a good forum to ask these questions please tell me so. Thanks. Limiter.lua
  5. The title of the post says it all. The plane flies okay, however. I bought it yesterday, and it is officially compatible for X Plane 11.
  6. I wanted to reply to your DLL fix for the Airbus in the forum, but I can't. So here: All I can say till now is that the flight that crashed just an hour ago now didn't. That does not mean much yet. But it is a good start. Thanks!



  7. Yes. I like approach lights to be working in low visibility, just like they do at the default airports. That's the major issue (besides loss of FPS) that keeps me from using your airports. I like flying, not so much looking around on the ground.
  8. I also had Active Sky Next on my machine (test version), and it dropped the frame rates with all these Cumulus clouds. Aerosoft Airbus was close to unflyable (FPS around 5) and the default airbus was slow (FPS 10-15). I now use Global Real Weather, which does not create that much Cumulus stuff and looks a lot more realistic to me. Note that my system is on the weak side, and I have to be careful not to overload the graphics. I did some tweaks to FSX.CFG too. I wonder, if you could post some details on this, what do do and what not to do. Many of the tweaks I took back after seeing that they do not work.
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