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  1. Great, Thanks to you all for your help, best Regards Jim
  2. Wow! That seems a drastic move but Ok, and thanks for your comment Installation: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 C:\Users\Jim Smith\Documents\Aerosoft Carried out a fresh install of the Bus last Monday (18th Jan 2021) For information I am flying the flying the planes with the IAE engines with no problems. l.. very odd Thanks Jim
  3. Okay, Out of 8 Air Buses, 4 had the problem, (those with CFM Engines) the remaining 4 worked okay, (these had the IAE engines) Other Aircraft tested, A2A 172 Cessna by Carenado, A 5252CJ also By Carenado and the EMB505 Phenom, all worked satisfactorily. Thanks for your help Jim
  4. Btw, The A320 Family Professional Bundle, is a new reinstall
  5. Hi Guys, and thanks for your comments. Yes Dave, I think you're right, when this problem first started earlier this week, I trolled the Web a found a couple of articles on the same subject and yes, they were years old, I'll try and find them again. In the meantime, I've started testing on other aircraft, and it appears the problem only exists with buses with CFM engines, IAE engines appear normal, interesting? from what I recall of that earlier post this seems to be replicating that problem.# I will however carry on through today and check on other aircraft types and come back to you tom
  6. Hi masterhawk,m Yeah done that. Keyboard Assignments: Nothing against Increase throttle (F3 and NUM9), No Aileron bindings either. Axis Assignments: Engine 1 Throttle Axis Z Axis, Engine 2 Throttle Axis Rx Axis. Calibration settings to Default. Isn't it strange that N1% increases to a certain number? could it be anything in the Registry? Tahnks
  7. Hello Everybody, I seem to have a controller conflict between an Axis and Key Assignments causing engine speeds to increase rapidly from N1 19.1% to N1 37.2%. I'm flying a Frankfurt to Heathrow flight plan in a AS A319, (P3Dv4), using normal procedures. There was a good start to both engines, satisfactorily achieving 19.1% N1, However when applying FULL LEFT in the After Start flight control test, N1 rose to 37.2%? I wish I could relate this to a particular cause but regrettably I can't. Any help would be appreciated, copes of the screen print are attached showing both events.
  8. Ok so I'm a bit silly!! forgot the reverse setting in options, brake and rudder controller, my apologies for any time wasted
  9. Hi, come back to P3Dv4 following a short break, just using the FS2020, Thought I'd have a run through with the Step by Step Tutorial? Set everything strictly up as per documents, push-back and startup no problem, but when I come to Taxi, the brakes do not appear to be releasing? Checked that there wasn't any duplication in controllers, (using cockpit brake), uninstalled and reinstalled the A320 Family Professional bundle again, but still not working. It definitely feels as though the brakes are jammed? I spool the engines almost to max and there is a slight movement forward, but nothing else,
  10. Hello again! please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to your recent post on my problem, I had clicked, 'Enable Browser notification' hoping I would receive any responses to my post sadly I didn't? However, I have been carrying out my own investigation on the problem and found there was a conflict issue between the navigraph database which I use, and Nav Data Pro, brought about by my stupidity in not completing the configurator properly, the Navigraph data source was not selected. So my thanks to both yourself and Mathijs for responding, and my apologies for wasting your tim
  11. Hi Mathijs, and thanks for your comment, I could be quite happy in accepting this if the issue was an isolated incident? however all my flights having the same familiarity, the managed mode is not being followed? in addition to this I have no Hot Keys, so I might as well carry out a clean reinstall, I got nothing to lose...can you point me to your recommended sequence of uninstalling with P3D v4? perhaps I should also mention that I the previous version with FSX worked perfectly well without any issues at all? LOL, it'e a funny old world! Thanks for your help anyway, if it doesn't work I
  12. Thanks for your reply Really? but the aircraft is not flying the course? what is it caused by?
  13. Hi, I have a navigation problem with the Aerosoft A300 series, When I take off the lateral flight path showing in the ND begins to change shape and eventually breaks up all together, the aircraft does not follow the programmed flight either, in addition the nearest wpt moves away from the aircraft as it approaches. Screenshots of the ND are attached showing the flight path as it should be at takeoff, and at an altitude of 2780ft when it is breaking up. As far as I can tell I have programmed both MCDU’s correctly, but I’m attaching screenshots for further comment, these include the
  14. Hi Guys, thank you for any help you can provide me with regard to this problem, it's related to the use of GSX in Push back in the A319 AS Professional, I have already taken the problem to them, however I would appreciate your advice as to whether you have come across this problem before now? I have been a enthusiastic user of Aerosoft Aircraft and other related Software for some time now, I have recently upgrade to PD3 v4 together with the Aerosoft Professional family of A300 series aircraft. The problem I have started earlier this week. I am flying the Aerosoft A319 Profession
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