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  1. Hello again! please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to your recent post on my problem, I had clicked, 'Enable Browser notification' hoping I would receive any responses to my post sadly I didn't? However, I have been carrying out my own investigation on the problem and found there was a conflict issue between the navigraph database which I use, and Nav Data Pro, brought about by my stupidity in not completing the configurator properly, the Navigraph data source was not selected. So my thanks to both yourself and Mathijs for responding, and my apologies for wasting your time. thanks Jim
  2. Hi Mathijs, and thanks for your comment, I could be quite happy in accepting this if the issue was an isolated incident? however all my flights having the same familiarity, the managed mode is not being followed? in addition to this I have no Hot Keys, so I might as well carry out a clean reinstall, I got nothing to lose...can you point me to your recommended sequence of uninstalling with P3D v4? perhaps I should also mention that I the previous version with FSX worked perfectly well without any issues at all? LOL, it'e a funny old world! Thanks for your help anyway, if it doesn't work I may go back to FSX. Merry Christmas! Jim
  3. Thanks for your reply Really? but the aircraft is not flying the course? what is it caused by?
  4. Hi, I have a navigation problem with the Aerosoft A300 series, When I take off the lateral flight path showing in the ND begins to change shape and eventually breaks up all together, the aircraft does not follow the programmed flight either, in addition the nearest wpt moves away from the aircraft as it approaches. Screenshots of the ND are attached showing the flight path as it should be at takeoff, and at an altitude of 2780ft when it is breaking up. As far as I can tell I have programmed both MCDU’s correctly, but I’m attaching screenshots for further comment, these include the ‘Init Page 2’ and ‘Perf Page 2’. In addition, I’m not sure if the stages of setting up the IRS are behaving properly, screen shots of these are also attached. Firstly the ‘Reset IRS to NAV’ is not highlighted in Amber, as I think it should be? (the ADIRS have been set!) instead when clicking ‘IRS INIT’ (LSK 3R), the next screen shows, ‘Align on REF’ in Green, then the Aligning Coordinates Populate IRS’s 1-3? I presume this is a working alternative, but why not normally. The flight Plan was prepared by Simbrief, a copy of the OFP is also attached for info. Other information is as follows: OS Windows 10 version 1909 Flight Sim P3D v4.5. Aircraft Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional version Scenery ORBX Global, base Pack, OpenLC Europe and Libraries. Fuel Airbus X Fuel Planner Many thanks in anticipation. Jim EDDNLOWW_PDF_1575485270.pdf
  5. Hi Guys, thank you for any help you can provide me with regard to this problem, it's related to the use of GSX in Push back in the A319 AS Professional, I have already taken the problem to them, however I would appreciate your advice as to whether you have come across this problem before now? I have been a enthusiastic user of Aerosoft Aircraft and other related Software for some time now, I have recently upgrade to PD3 v4 together with the Aerosoft Professional family of A300 series aircraft. The problem I have started earlier this week. I am flying the Aerosoft A319 Professional out of Frankfurt and using GSX for Push back related operations, following the 'Step by Step guide, all steps have been followed to the letter, anyway I get to the Push back sequence, open up GSX, select Push back from the drop-down, all OK but when I press the 'direction of push-back' I experience a complete shut down of some electrical systems, which include all of the the screens? clearly I am unable to proceed past this point. This issue follows some thing similar when the Aircraft started to perform all sorts of acrobatics during push-back, I then did a new reinstall of GSX, excluding of course the antivirus software. Your thoughts on the issue would be very much appreciated Jim OS - Win 10 v803 Build 17134.59 Sim - PD3 v
  6. Hello Mike, pardon me for jumping in, but did you manage to resolve your problem/ I too have a similar issue, I am flying the Step by Step guide tutorial and the ToD markers are not showing either in the ND or the MDCU F-Plan, I have no vertical navigation from the last way-point (Logan) either, I set the altitude to the Glidepath intercepting level and after pressing at an approximate ToD the plane drops about 2,000 ft? Sorry to bother you Jim
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