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  1. Thank you, I too would like to disable the automatic doors. (GSX v1 user myself.)
  2. I'm still seeing the same in SP1a. Have never actually seen the AVAIL light myself.
  3. Bump. Appears an Elite Airways repaint is now on AVSIM. Think I'm still out of luck on the United rising blue tulip/exPlus.
  4. An old request but I wouldn't mind the Elite Airways repaint as well. Still can't seem to find any repaint of the United blue tulip :/
  5. Interesting to see that you have that slight dip of the wing to the left immediately when you disconnect the autopilot when coupled to an ILS. I get the same thing often, can't figure out what it is. Fly an autopilot-coupled ILS approach, disconnect, and immediate slight bank no matter what the wind is.
  6. Understand this is an old thread, but I'm experiencing the same thing on my computer (even when running 40-60+ FPS) on P3Dv4.3. Wanted to share the only solution I've found is to disable one set of the flight deck displays. I get smooth performance when only part (or half) of the displays are turned on, but as soon as I fully power the aircraft or enable the opposite side displays, the stuttering occurs. Only "complex" addon aircraft I see this with....odd. Hope that helps someone.
  7. Well, to be abundantly clear, I would like to see a bit more (or at least customizable) hardware space between detents, rather than smaller. I.e. move my hardware throttle more between detents....so if the desk is bumped it doesn't change detents, or if I'm advancing throttles, I keep having a tendency to accidentally go to max instead of being able to accurate stop on TOGA. Guess indeed a T.16000M is too good.
  8. Hello all, Is there a way to make throttle detents “larger” (less sensitive) on hardware throttles? I’m using a Saitek X52 Pro and find myself accidentally moving out of detents quite often. For instance accidentally going to Max instead of TOGA or into Manual instead of Climb. Thanks.
  9. Are the panel coloring differences between the first and second shot a result of sim lighting, or are they different textures?
  10. Are you loading it from a previous saved scenario file? I've seen this once but a clean aircraft load from a default flight seemed to clear it up.
  11. Agreed, I see the same behavior. Perhaps the Z key could be mapped to the yoke disconnect button (then subsequently could be mapped to joystick hardware)? And the disconnect bar remain just a mouse click spot? Just adds a spot of realism. I avoid using the disconnect bar as a “regular” means of disconnecting the autopilot on any aircraft since the bar is truly a backup, reversionary function. Thanks.
  12. Great news. I look forward to flying the CRJ again after several months in the hangar as well. Will there be a way to map the yoke AP disconnect button (not the disconnect bar) to a joystick or key command that was briefly discussed previously? thanks.
  13. Any chance a joystick or key mapping to the AP yoke disconnect button is still in the works? Rather than Z-key toggling the AP disconnect override bar.
  14. I saw this too on 1.0.5, particularly after holding at a few different fixes, then going direct another fix. Will have to try it on 1.0.6.
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