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  1. Not sure if I’m in the right part of the forum or not but anyway just want to report an issue I noticed last night while flying the beauty. so I was in the air after taking off from KSFO and I opened FS Real time to set the correct time. When I did that the sim reset and when it came back I had no Gauges only the gauges reading Self Test 40 seconds. It never came back and I had to shut down the flight and the sim and start over. anyway congratulations on the new bus it’s a brilliant piece of software
  2. OK thanks It’s working now thanks
  3. Good day, I haven’t received the latest update yet in the updater nor in my account. Is the update been delayed or something?
  4. Well apparently this was my fault I had the wrong speed set for climb so it’s my bad.
  5. Good day Hans, I did a flight yesterday in the CRJ 700 and it was only a short flight and I wasn’t very heavy. I put in my altitude of 30,000 feet which the aircraft should have had no problem reaching. At 23,000 feet or so the aircraft stopped climbing On the auto pilot and was almost going into a stall. I had to put the throttle from climb to full power in order to try and gain altitude. I think there may be an issue with weight and fuel being sent from the EFB to the aircraft. Thanks
  6. Cool Actually I find ENVSHADE really good I’m gone back to using that
  7. Well said, I’m enjoying this new release very much and it’s a job well done by everyone involved. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.
  8. Yes actually it do start off with 1000 my bad
  9. Just got the new CRJ and it’s awesome job well done. Only issue I have is I’d like to see the GPWS do call outs like 2500, 1000 etc it seems to only start at 500 thanks
  10. I gave up using PTA and other shader mods it’s causing too many issue especially with these newer aircraft coming out. Now I just use Environment Force and set scene lighting to automatic mode runs very nice.
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