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  1. Basically this is something that we have to live with so probably better to deal with it move on, just saying 😃👍🏻
  2. Oh well too bad it was good while it lasted thanks for your effort team I’ve moved on to bigger and better things cheers
  3. I’m sure Hans is reading these messages and I’m sure he’s very busy. Let’s just wait for the next update because I would say there’s one coming.
  4. I just did a clean FSUIPC calibration on all my controls for the CRJ and I must say everything is working good now. Not perfect but good.
  5. I lock mine at 58hz in Nvidia Control Panel I find that smoother then unlimited with no frame cap.
  6. Yes but Hans says to edit the the P3D CFG under textinfo 3 in his post. But anyway seems a lot better. I didn’t edit the panel CFG I just did the P3D cfg tweaks
  7. Ok so I just tested the new DLL’s and the CFG tweaks and there is definitely an improvement in the stutters. By the way I just have one question, will those CFG tweaks affect anything else in my sim or is it OK to leave them there permanently thanks
  8. I’m going to try the new DLL’s and CFG tweaks and report back. Thanks team
  9. So even if it stays there it won’t hurt anything because my scenery in the sim seems fine. Basically if it don’t seem broke then leave it haha
  10. I can send V5 but it’s 4.5 I got the issue with. The other guys screenshot is V5. Mine is at the very top.
  11. Hi Pero I uploaded the support package above did you get a chance to have a look yet? Thanks
  12. Please see my attached file thanks 20201021-14h56m07_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  13. How do I get the debug pack Pero thanks
  14. Yeah it don’t sim to mess up any scenery in the sim though all that seems fine just the duplicate titles. Oh well I’ll live with it I guess haha
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