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  1. Oh and also Mathijs my issue was the VC runtime crash which I was getting with PMDG’s 747 as well but after the latest update from LM it’s solved on my end. Now I haven’t done a lot of testing but before I couldn’t load the A330 or the 747 and change views without it CTD with VC runtime. But that seems to be fixed with HF2 fingers crossed
  2. It seems after I installed the HF yesterday from LM HF2 the issue has been solved for now. But so far so good
  3. Well it seems after I installed the latest update from LM the problem is solved. Installed the HF yesterday and installed the A330 and so far so good.
  4. Yeah the A330 is a no go for me as well with CTD upon loading. No other planes do this.
  5. Thanks for your replies Dave LM has quite a ways to go with V5 yet. Until then I’ll just stick with 4.5 as I got both sims installed anyway.
  6. Well I spoke too soon it crashed again mid flight I don’t know I’m going back to 4.5 for now the A330 works fine in that version
  7. Ok well guys this is a weird one, I purchased the updated version of the mad dog for V5 and installed it. I took the mad dog for a flight and had no problems. My next flight I decided to try the A330 again and it works now with no issues and no crash. I don’t know if installing the mad dog added something I needed or not or the issue just vanished. But right now I’m flying the A330 with no problems for now.
  8. I’ll try a complete clean reinstall of the aircraft from scratch and see what happens.
  9. Ok it seems I got a bunch installed there I did everything above and uninstalled and reinstalled just the 2015-2019 ones. The other ones in my control panel are quite outdated but they may be needed for other add ons to run I don’t know
  10. Good day, I just installed the A330 into V5 and I went to load up a scenario and I had an instant CTD on a couple of occasions with this error. It’s not happening with any other aircraft I have installed. See attached pic thanks. I have windows 10 home, 9700k, 1080ti, 32 GB of ram.
  11. So the A330 should go in the documents folder for it to work correctly? You can’t install it outside to a different drive
  12. Never mind I browsed though the forum more closely and found a solution you can close this thread
  13. Good day I seem to have an issue with ENGM for V5. I got red x’s where the wind socks are suppose to be. I’ve tried everything reinstalling SODE, I got it installed into the root folder. Any help is greatly appreciated
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