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  1. Busy at another job is fully understandable at least you’re honest. That being said I do miss Sim Starter so hopefully it will come soon thanks
  2. Ok thanks for your reply
  3. The save a scenario doesn’t seem to work too good with these aircraft. I tried to save my flight to come back to it later and when I reloaded the scenario my engines were shutoff, no MCDU Data and so forth. Any updates coming for this in the future I’m using v4.4
  4. Whatever happened mine it seemed to fix itself after the last update. Oh well I guess it’s fixed lol
  5. Awesome that’s the only thing I’m waiting on now before I update 😃
  6. Well might be a bit over my head and I’m afraid I’ll screw something up
  7. Thanks for your help and advice I appreciate it
  8. It’s no odds I’m scratching that idea don’t want to mess up my sim when I’m not really sure what I’m doing
  9. Well apparently if you move them to the scenery CFG you can get way better performance especially using Black Marble lighting like I do. But I’ll contact Chris Bell about it
  10. Good day, I’m just curious to know if there’s a way to use Sim Starter to move my greyed out sceneries in my sim library over the my scenery CFG. I heard that it can be done with Lorbys tool but I’m just curious to know if it can be done with Sim Starter thanks
  11. Actually what worked for me was to hit Q twice it’s a known sound bug from way back in the FSX days
  12. Check where it says do nothing, you got limit sound by 80% and do nothing. Also if the sound issue still presets try pressing q twice
  13. Ok the way I fixed this issue for me was I went into control panel, sound, communications and check do nothing worked for me
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