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  1. Hi again. Axis is fine, calibration ok and F1 works also ok. Do you think the new update might help? thank's Abi.
  2. Hi. I have been using A-xxx for many months and i love it, but, sudenly a new problem started, when i start the engines they go to full power, and no way to decelarate them, not with the trottle or keyboard. It happens only in some flights. Please help. Abi.
  3. Hi. Mathijs Haven't recieve any answers about my issues, are you still checking?
  4. My case: In the chart section the EFB keyboard works fine, the PC keyboard does not work. in the WEATHER section neither of them.
  5. Thank you, it really happens with any chart.
  6. Hi Mathjis. I know beacause i used it many times with Navigraph om my ipad and it works with this chart, that is why im positive. I can send you a picture if you want. Regards Abi.
  7. It is the A-320 proffesional. I included a picture with an example that im sure it is a geo-reference chart in MMMX.
  8. Hi. I have been using the new EFB, in general works very nice, its a beautifull addon. Only 2 issues. METAR: i cant insert any information, keyboard does not work. CHARTS: Works ok except for the aircraft location does not show in any of the charts, even if they are geo-referenced, im using NAVIGRAPH. thanks.
  9. Hola. Acabo de instalar el Airbus 318 profesional y no lo puedo arrancar pues el voltage de la bater{ia marca ceros. En versiones anteriores nunca me sucedio, no se como resolverlo. Espero me ayuden. Gracias.
  10. Mex131

    Battery Shows 0

    I haven t been able to start the Airbus 318, because Battery shows 0. As a result of that i believe, the POP UP MCDU MENU shows in gray: ACFT STATE, ACFT DOORS, GND SERVICES and CHECKLIST. ill be glad if you can help me. Thanks AB.
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