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  1. Hello, Just to notice a (very little and not annoying) bug with the new simstarter NG P3D, when you create a profile shortcut to the desktop, the link is not good because the exe linked is SIMstarter NG.exe instead of SIMstarter NG P3D.exe. By the way thanks for making this tool ! It really eases my simmer life !
  2. Hello, My Aerosoft updater states that an update is available for EDDK ( and that the Optional SODE files is updated to v1.07 and is available for separate download. I don't know where to find this 1.07 version of SODE file. I've bought the scenery on FSPS store and the SODE file is only 1.05. I've also registered the product on https://support.aerosoft.com/pages/content but even there the file is at 1.05 version. Do you know where i can download this file ? Thanks
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