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  1. Hey Folks, Just asking for assistance on using US Cities Boston with latest FlyTampa KBOS. I've followed the instructions here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/141495-sunken-aircraft-at-kbos-us-cities-x-boston/&tab=comments#comment-913998 but afraid no luck. I am unsure if the latest update of FlyTampa KBOS changed something that this workaround makes it render not working. Anyone have any advise on how to fix this elevation issue? SO I disabled the AF2_KBOS.bgl from world/scenery and that works, but then I have background default KBOS loading. I then disable the AF2_KBOS.bgl from the Us Cities KBOS folder and this gets rid of KBOS default but there's an elevation issue still :( Any help on this is appreciated!
  2. Hello, Recently I am having issues when computing a flight. PFPX freezes and I am forced to quit the program. Any solutions to possibly troubleshoot this? Update: I was trying once more and the application crashed. I checked event viewer and this was the faulting module: mfc140.dll Update: I was able to fix by using another template of aircraft. Perhaps it was a problem by using a downloaded template?
  3. Hi Stefan, Thanks for this piece of guide. I was also wondering if maybe there's a way to add the satellite dish on the back on the aircraft on the old liveries, or would it be dependent on the maker of the livery?
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