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  1. Hi Stefan, Thanks for this piece of guide. I was also wondering if maybe there's a way to add the satellite dish on the back on the aircraft on the old liveries, or would it be dependent on the maker of the livery?
  2. Can't wait for release in 2 days! Question, will the sound pack and immersion be available on day of release? Thanks in advanced!
  3. This should be pinned at the top with Mathis's, so that people are aware on how things are being planned out and there's no confusion in the community. Just a thought
  4. Sorry to ask, but would this count for the 318/319 planned release or for entire bundle 318-321? Thanks and keep it up!!!
  5. I think that might be because they might have changed the blurryness in textures that people have been reporting. This might make it take more memory from gpu side of things. This would have to be tested on some settings possibly.
  6. Thanks for the update Mathis, we (I) are eager for the release of this product and we know you guys are!!
  7. Electrix_13

    jetBlue Livery for A321

    Hey there are also a bunch of liveries for the Jetblue A321 on the Avsim forums. Just search "Jetblue Aerosoft Airbus" in the search bar!
  8. Electrix_13

    VC Lightning and V1 Callout

    Thanks, i thought this was the VC lighting for the aerosoft as the picture at the start depicted.
  9. Electrix_13

    VC Lightning and V1 Callout

    Hey could you re-upload it again. I've clicked on the link and its not working.