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  1. This seems to have done the trick, the "wrong" runway is no longer visible. Thank you very much for your help!
  2. well here is what ive noticed, If there was a confliction then there would be runways even if i disabled the the heathrow scenery but there is not, only some buildings show up with no runways or taxiways.
  3. yes, I never moved the file from the scenery folder
  4. On my end the exclude fule is showing as being 1KB, is it supposed to be this size? I looked at the afcaed thru ADEX (did not change anything just looked) and from this it looks like the exclude file is not working as it should be
  5. And question, the exclude file that comes with the scenery, how big is the file supposed to be?
  6. Hi all! sorry it took a long time for a reply, got really busy. Just tried the shaders thing and still have no luck
  7. Sorry, it still shows up even with other scenery turned off
  8. Just tried deactivating the GSX Exclude folder, no change
  9. currently in the middle of a flight but I will try later
  10. I have checked my GSX files and have not found anything that would interfere with the afcad
  11. The EGLL_EXC.BGL is in the folder but I will check my GSX files
  12. I am using the original AFCAD, I just bought the scenery last week and have not done any modifications.
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