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  1. Hello, I also have Windows 10 Pro and installers for buses don't install WebSimBrowser into p3d root directory. My submitted ticket is closed.
  2. Sorry, I will do combine my posts, just contacted support regarding installers for A318/319 and A330.
  3. If I knew that EFB won't be working in A318/319 and A330, I wouldn't buy it at all.
  4. If I knew that EFB won't be working in A318/319 and A330
  5. So, can you fix those two installers so I can install it correctly, or maybe to upload somewhere only the folder WebSimBrowser, so I can use it?
  6. Hello, First I installed only A330 Professional Then I installed A318/319 and A330, later installed only A318/319. In all cases folder WebSimBrowser was not installed in p3d main folder. So now, I can't use the products.
  7. Yes, folder WebSimBrowser is missing after the installation of Buses..
  8. First time I installed in G:\Prepar3D addons , and later in D:\Prepar3D Addons , my OS is on C drive. I use G and D drives for addons to install.
  9. Thanks Masterhawk for reply, My sim folder is D:\Prepar3D v4 , and OS is on C drive, nothing is installed in Program Files folder. I have DISABLED Windows Defender all three times when trying to install airbus packages I bought. Sim folder is Excluded in Defender and also many other addons folders are excluded too. The installer installs all files for the plane, except for the WebSimBrowser folder. Please, have a look into installers and for buses.. Thank you.
  10. Update, Ok, I managed to manually delete True Type Fonts files in Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330\assets\charts\assets folder, actually after uninstallation of A318/319 I deleted whole General folder from Documents\Aerosoft. Now, I don't know what to do, how to install A318/319 and A330 properly on my system ? Everything else, every other addon installed properly and is working properly in my sim.. I submitted a ticket.
  11. Yes, it looks like the installer for A330 doesn't install all of necessary files, somehow.. the same is for for A318/319.
  12. Airbus A330 installer installs some true type fonts files in Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330\assets\charts\assets location, and those can not be removed when the product needs to be uninstalled. Those True Type Font files are always in use when trying manually to delete them. So, that is another problem.. uninstaller don't remove them.
  13. Now, reinstalled Airbus package A318/319 and again didn't install WebSimBrowser folder in p3d main/root folder.. Installed again with Admin rights.. Not working.
  14. I just uninstalled both Airbus packages via Programs and features panel in Windows, but can not delete manually folder named "General" under Documents/Aerosoft. That "General" folder contains "A3XX EFB" folder, with some files which are open in another programs, so can't delete it. Don't know what to do now..
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