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  1. The perfectly simple solution for me was to rollback to Like someone said here, I like to fly with FD long after takeoff and often during approach if the weather is ok. This way I can practice my skills to hand fly the plane. For the moment I can live without 1.0.3 or 4 improvements. But floating everywhere FD is a real killer for me. So And even with MSFS SU4, that works fine for me. At least for what I need. It's like Nvidia drivers, sometimes better install an older version and wait for next Update.
  2. just reinstalled the .. Work way better in many ways for me, FD is also OK... Really don't understand anything. But I'll keep this one.
  3. Same problem here. Was really happy with this bird before patch. What happened?. Like always I will wait and hope... Can't do anything else. Fortunately I kept the older version so I'll reinstall the 1.0.1 for the moment. I really don't understand how an obvious thing like this can pass the release tests...
  4. Can't fly anything else for the moment... maybe only my little Robin DR400 from time to time to explore some scenario.. The CRJ has just set a new standard for me. I will not be able to accept less in term of realism and performances. Can't wait for the Twin Otter.
  5. To be honest, at first I was not really interested in the CRJ. But I really wanted to try it, just like a test, a test to know about my real feeling toward this new MSFS2020. I left the sim weeks ago because of so many performances issues with the default liners. So I bought the CRJ... Launched the sim... Learn everything I need to learn about the plane to fly it the best I could. And it was like a dream. Of course there are some little bugs here and there. But really not so bad for me since I didn't know anything about the CRJ before yesterday. But, the performances... It flies like a dream with my old computer... No stutters, no FPS drop, smooth as silk... I have even better performances than with MSFS GA planes. So my conclusion ; thank you, really, Aerosoft, for giving my faith back in this hobby and showing it's possible to enjoy liners in this sim.
  6. Hello again Shaun Tested and approved... The fix do the job for me too. I'm glad you made it. Thanks a lot to all Aerosoft team and developpers. Alain
  7. Hello Shaun Thanks for this fix, I will test and report here as soon as possible (maybe this evening or tomorrow), but I have some hope since it does the job for Cdb80 Alain
  8. Hello, I agree with wedge... I said I have the update installed, but these crashes are still there.... I come accross this situation more and more often with add-ons in FSX (not only Aerosoft add-ons of course), more and more beautiful add-ons, more and more "whaoww" when trying them for the first time, and more and more disappointment after few hours of flying (frame rate issues, texture disappearing or becoming black, collision bugs, crash, and more...). I don't think I will invest more time and money in this flight simulation. Too bad for the nice things I may miss but I'm tired of beta testing. Just want to fly. Switching back to FS9 and that's what I'm doing, and not asking myself "how much time this flying session will hold out". But thanks anyway for your hard work here at Aerosoft. Alain
  9. I had leave FSX for moment due to performances issue. I'm now trying again but still have the plane crash near the Concord. This doesn't happen in FS9, I've used FS9 CDG so many times and have no problem. Starting for the first flight in FSX and again this crash. I thought this issue was resolved in the last update (I have CDG v1.10 installed). Very frustrating. Hope you will help
  10. Hi I'm buying BIG airports sceneries only if there are both FSX and FS9, because I still can't use them satisfactorily in FSX (you know, big airports, big liners, big traffic, meteo, etc, it's a well known story). So I'm happy to buy both versions for a moderate price like you do at Aerosoft, it makes me possible to download FSX version, store in a secure place and wait for better days when I will be able to purchase a hardware capable of running the scenary in a good way. And waiting for this moment, I enjoy the scenery in FS9. For sure when it will be FSX only scenery for this kind of airport I will stop to buy and just "wait and see". Alain
  11. Hello Shaun, Thanks for your answer. Yes it's true I can see it now, it's because I changed my email address, and I must log with old email to see the update. Now I'm going to download it. My mistake here, totally forgot about this point. Alain
  12. Hi, I too can't find this upgrade for LFPG. I've downloaded it directly from Aerosoft online store, and when I go to Faq/update I can't see no LFPG upgrade in the list. Where can I find it please?
  13. Hello Shaun Thanks for your answer and your help in this. So I will wait for a fix and I will carefully avoid this place during taxi for the moment . Regards. Alain
  14. Hello, I have discovered one little problem with this wonderful LFPG in FSX. When I roll on the taxiway, on the east of the airport, going from north to south, each time I arrive near the Concorde, ma plane crash like if it had hit a invisible wall or something like that. Are you aware of this problem an is there a solution to this issue? (only on FSX, FS9 version just work fine) Thanks a lot for your help. Alain
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