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  1. I know. But looking at the support database, I can only choose this version. But this doesn't help as this version was not updated recently.
  2. Maybe companies like PMDG (knowing that some customers need to receive their updates on different ways) could improve their release timing. Had they just kept it until today, saying "Phew. Took longer" noone would have complained, I guess. We know PMDG refuses to stick to fixed timeframes, so why push out the update on late friday? We've seen something similar with the MSFS sim update just before christmas: they published an update which led to a lot of problems for many users and then went about their (well deserved) holiday leaving the simmers without support.
  3. So, am I getting this right? You guys also don't see any 777 update for P3Dv4/v5 in the database at all? I only see an update for the FSX version right now.
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