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  1. Disregard reinstall fixed it...
  2. Just wondering is there an issue with the lead in lights onto runway 29 at Alta not displaying as i am yet to see them day or night good weather or bad. They are quite visible in both other sims ie P3D and xplane any reason why they may not be showing in MSFS?
  3. I cannot agree with Robs message more strongly. As the owner of over 110 Aerosoft products in P3D and xplane i will not buy another Aerosoft product. Why? Pretty simple really lack of integrity as a supplier of addons. Of my 100 plus addons id say 30% are in xplane with about 75 or so in P3D i have 1 addon from Aerosoft for MSFS the Crj. The issue is this. While Aersoft and there suppliers are throwing huge amounts of resources into MSFS where are my updates for products like Alta which have remained unupdated for years? On what grounds would i trust that anything i buy for MSFS would ever be updated based off what you have done with more than half your products? Asobo break numerous addons with every update and Aerosoft with a track record that has left many many of my sceneries unupdated to P3Dv5 why would i send you one more dollar? We have waited for an Alta update for V4 or V5 for years now and boom here is a new Alta for MSFS. I would say that flagrantly disrespectful to every previous customer of the P3D version whether they have gone to MSFS or not to abandon what should of been updated. Payware update or not. So when MSFS updates breaking sceneries which no doubt they will at some point what guarantee is there that you would support them? The same implied guarantee that came with purchases in xplane and P3D like Alta? Sure we all understand that your after new money to keep revenue flowing but what YOU dont seem to get is a significant number of people who buy addon sceneries are the very people who you have left high and dry with outdated P3D sceneries now seemingly abandoned. Now im also not saying i want them for "free" i very well understand work requires reward. If its not worth your "work" to update sceneries in P3D then why would i ever trust you as an organization to update anything new i buy for MSFS? The next 12 months with multiple new versions of P3D coming and possibly xplane 12 mean your burning bridges that may very well cost you a large amount of money in future purchases/updates assuming Asobo continue on the spiral downwards. Ive always enjoyed your scenery in P3D and Xplane but the slap across the face of Alta being released for a new platform and left unupdated is the end of Aerosoft for me. You may have my money for well over 100 scenery and aircraft addons but enough is enough. Another long term high volume customer gone but im sure there will be plenty of others to replace us as you go in boots and all with what i prefer to call a game rather than a simulator in the state its still in. Regards Darren
  4. Can also confirm the dummy.bgl file is crashing the sim. As soon as it was removed crashing stopped.
  5. Fixed it with the following steps. 1) Turn off In the Vector tool LPMA and LPPS. Then, the FTX_VECTOR \ FTX_VECTOR_APT \ scenery \ ABP_LPMA.inactive, ABP_LPMA_default plus u ABP_LPPS_.inactive and ABP_LPPS_Default files are removed to a safe place. 2)From vector AEC i also removed AEC_LPMA.inactive and AEC_LPPS.inactive. Works fine now. Also noticed after an uninstall that the Aerosoft Madiera folder left behind a pile of tectures in the Madiera folder which should of been removed in the uninstall i would of imagined. So the uninstaller is leaving stuff behind. Cheers
  6. Screenshot of whats happening at lpma... thanks
  7. After the update I can no longer use Madiera or LPPS with large vertical walls rising up from the scenery. I use FTX and the first version had no issues once configured. Not sure what has changed but i have tried every concievable variation AEC ON or OFF with LPMA and LPS below and above ftx in the cgf file. Any ideas?
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