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  1. Nice to hear if you need anything else just send a message...
  2. I have popped some 321 perf tables up in my post on 321 climb rate...
  3. Having flown the 321 extensively in the real world its climb performance needs a significant reduction. at high weights the aircraft needs over 230nm to get to cruise altitude of 29000. It needs a big reduction in performance. Cost
  4. G'day Couple of observations. Optimum altitudes look good on the A321 but the max altitudes are completely wrong. At 90tonnes you are looking at a max around 29-30000 temp dependent. I am seeing FL390. This is way off. Likewise it took me at ISA+15 73nm to get to 29000 at a take off weight of 92.8 tonnes. In the real world it takes WAY WAY longer. At ISA +15 to 20 around 230-250nm with rates of climb Around 1500 initially decreasing to around 600fpm near top of climb. Flight model needs some fairly major tweaking at the heavy end..
  5. Having spent many years flying the A321 I am wondering why your A321 is limited to 89000Kg MTOW. A321's for some time ie 10 years have been cleared to at least 93000Kg max take off weight. In fact to do many flights you NEED a 93K MTOW for longer high density ops. Can this be changed to reflect reality for many carriers without it coming up as overloaded ie in red in the setup page? Also any chance of seeing the ACT implemented also used by many carriers to increase fuel uplift..
  6. Id be happy for an upgrade (if) the broken ground friction is fixed. Its such a great aeroplane and a complete waste. Love to see it looked at and upgraded but if ground friction and thechugecpower needed to start moving followed by a rapid stop with only a slight power reduction occuring it must be fixed.
  7. Fixed it with the following steps. 1) Turn off In the Vector tool LPMA and LPPS. Then, the FTX_VECTOR \ FTX_VECTOR_APT \ scenery \ ABP_LPMA.inactive, ABP_LPMA_default plus u ABP_LPPS_.inactive and ABP_LPPS_Default files are removed to a safe place. 2)From vector AEC i also removed AEC_LPMA.inactive and AEC_LPPS.inactive. Works fine now. Also noticed after an uninstall that the Aerosoft Madiera folder left behind a pile of tectures in the Madiera folder which should of been removed in the uninstall i would of imagined. So the uninstaller is leaving stuff behind. Cheers
  8. Screenshot of whats happening at lpma... thanks
  9. After the update I can no longer use Madiera or LPPS with large vertical walls rising up from the scenery. I use FTX and the first version had no issues once configured. Not sure what has changed but i have tried every concievable variation AEC ON or OFF with LPMA and LPS below and above ftx in the cgf file. Any ideas?
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