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  1. Nice to hear if you need anything else just send a message...
  2. I have popped some 321 perf tables up in my post on 321 climb rate...
  3. Having flown the 321 extensively in the real world its climb performance needs a significant reduction. at high weights the aircraft needs over 230nm to get to cruise altitude of 29000. It needs a big reduction in performance. Cost
  4. G'day Couple of observations. Optimum altitudes look good on the A321 but the max altitudes are completely wrong. At 90tonnes you are looking at a max around 29-30000 temp dependent. I am seeing FL390. This is way off. Likewise it took me at ISA+15 73nm to get to 29000 at a take off weight of 92.8 tonnes. In the real world it takes WAY WAY longer. At ISA +15 to 20 around 230-250nm with rates of climb Around 1500 initially decreasing to around 600fpm near top of climb. Flight model needs some fairly major tweaking at the heavy end..
  5. Having spent many years flying the A321 I am wondering why your A321 is limited to 89000Kg MTOW. A321's for some time ie 10 years have been cleared to at least 93000Kg max take off weight. In fact to do many flights you NEED a 93K MTOW for longer high density ops. Can this be changed to reflect reality for many carriers without it coming up as overloaded ie in red in the setup page? Also any chance of seeing the ACT implemented also used by many carriers to increase fuel uplift..
  6. G'day Can we just get a clarification of the scenery order for the xp11 scenery.ini for the Aspen scenery please. There is no manual nor readme which specifies the order and location of the various components of the new Aspen. As there is an Airport, Autogen, A HDV4 Mesh Folder, a Mesh a folder and a Mesh B folder can we get guidance on there locations and order. Most xplane users have there own Ortho plus numerous addons so the location in the scenery ini is quite importand in the same way the scenery.cfg is in P3D. Thanks
  7. Hey guys big thanks for the PANC update. Glad to see lots of screenies as peopple launch on freighter ops out of ANC! Hopefully a Fairbanks update comes down the track! thanks for doing ANC!!!!
  8. Just thought i would put this out there as to how important those two airports are for the many guys who do Bush and Heavy metal cargo flying. Very much hoping you guys will update them and id be happy to pay to make them mega status etc. If your flying anything from a C185 a Beaver or a 747-400 these airports are critical to all Alaskan flight ops. Very much hoping to see them released for V4! Please..lol Thanks for all the great updates. Darren
  9. Hi Mathijs thanks for the input. If we are talking about cold weather ops id fully agree but this issue is happening anywhere ie Sint Maarten. New Guinea etc. The issue is in V3 the ground handling is perfect in V4 is where the issue lies. If the ground handling was meant to be that way ie sticky needing gross amounts of power etc surely the power needed for breakaway thrust would be the same in both V3 and V4? Something happened to the Twotter in V4 with the ground friction etc that drastically altered it from V3 needing large amounts of power etc that where never needed in V3. Square wheel in cold weather ops is a well known trait but it doesnt happen in the tropics nor in temperate areas. Hope to see it fixed in the future if you do a payware update with new features as right now there is no turboprop I have ever flown, been a passenger in exhibit the issues only seen in the V4 version of the Twin Otter. Cheers Darren
  10. Id be happy for an upgrade (if) the broken ground friction is fixed. Its such a great aeroplane and a complete waste. Love to see it looked at and upgraded but if ground friction and thechugecpower needed to start moving followed by a rapid stop with only a slight power reduction occuring it must be fixed.
  11. Hi Finnj, The problem is that the power you need to break away ie start moving is quite large, then even ifyou only reduce the power a little the aircraft comes to a stop rapidly. in short if you leave the power at the breakaway setting the aurcraft rapidly accelerates to very high speed, if you reduce it only a little it rapidly stops. There is no happy middle ground you either find yourself stopping or rapidly accelerating. it becomes very frustrating very rapidly to the point you just give up as the power on the ground is totally broken compared to any of my other turboprops. This is sad as it is a brilliant Twotter in every other respect in every other way. in its current state it doesnt get used im sorry and im at a loss as to why this is the only aircraft which has this very prominent issue. Thanks for the response but it sounds like it wont be fixed and will remain parked in my hangar unused. cheers Darren
  12. A few people have reported it has anyone from Aerosoft commented on if its being looked at for update. No problems in V3 here.
  13. G'day, I am finding there is large amounts of breakaway power being needed to get the Twotter moving and continuing to move. Is there anything i can adjust to fix this situation in the cfg? I have seen one or two posts about it so dont believe it is happening to everyone. Any ideas? thanks Darren Howie
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