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  1. i have installed and reinstalled the Airbuses. The rudder animates in the cockpit (Thrustmaster), but has no effect on the plane turning. External view I do not see any rudder animations. Is there a configuratioin that I missed with the new update?
  2. Thank you for the example. However when I click the EFB (Green is on above), It will not turn on the text mode. I try to type as you discribe and it does not connect. It works on the 330, but not the 321? I any help would be appreciated.
  3. Not to pile on. But since moving to P3d V.4.4 with the most current version and experimental versions. I can't maintain speed. FMS has the right speed but when I engage autothrottle I have to have throttle at Man to keep speed. Is this an issue and is it being addressed? Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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