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  1. I purchased VFR Germany from simmarket, I was hoping to install it on a seperate path but the installation forces me to use my FSX directory. I'm out of room on my FSX disc :? Changing the whole thing to a bigger disc is not that simple so was wondering if there is any way around this. I remember that in fs9 I was able to install megascenery on different disk. Thx
  2. K will do. It does work btw without rebuilding them already. Planes in Brussels are at least taking off now so Thanks Harpsi.
  3. Are these afcad files the ones that are used by addons like Radar Contact and FScommander? Reason I ask is that I use both and when changing this do I need to rebuild my databases? Thanks
  4. Cool, certainly want to try that. I also found another issue that when going the long way to 25R (the light grey taxiway) when coming near the runway u crash. By this I mean that i seem to run into an invisible wall. How do I use afcads coz I have tbh, I have never used em.
  5. I have the exact same issue with Brussels on FSX, the AI traffic just stands on the runway. I had 6 planes standing there right on top of each other. I don't have this issue on other airports though.
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