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  1. So basically if I want to import a schedule from an XML file with only repetitive flights, I should not really bother with child flights, master flights with the date ranges would suffice, correct?
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to understand the <IsMaster> and <IsChild> sections, when and how to use them, what are the limitations, etc. Can somebody explain this in detail or is there a guide available which I'm not aware of? Thanks, Daniel
  3. Version 0.1


    This is the first beta version of the Malév Ground Handling vehicle pack. The package includes: Follow-Me car Cleaning services vehicles Catering trucks Stairs Buses Pushback vehicles Screenshots included in the archive. Enjoy!
  4. Hi all! I have the following problem (see pic below): Config: AES 2.14, Cloud9 EHAM (gate C8), FULL mode. What did I do wrong?
  5. File sent. Any answers about the background color of AES window in FS?
  6. Hi! I have a problem with AES 2.02. I have USNN scenery installed, and active in FS's scenery library, but in AESHelp it doesn't appear available. I've checked the cfg files, and looked into the scenery if a file was missing, but everything's there. What else can I do with this? Regards, Daniel P.S.: do the background colors of AES menu mean anything? For example, on Budapest Ferihegy the AES window's background is purple.
  7. Hi! Check your UUDD\Scenery folder. Look for 46.bgl, if it's not there, go to Aerosoft\Aes\Airport\ folder, and find AESA_UUDD_IGF.cfg. Open it with Notepad, and in the row "SEARCH=1,2,10,20,46" delete 46, then it should be OK. Daniel
  8. Thank you for the quick answer Oliver!
  9. Hi, My first question is: Will it be possible in the future versions to set up catering door/s? Because on some aircrafts, like the Tu-154, the Tu-134, and so on... the door on the right side is not in front of the main door, and it looks funny when the catering truck is standing next to the door at the fuselage The second question is: Will it be possible to have cleaning service even if the aircraft hasn't got rear door? I'm asking this because of the tupolevs which don't have rear doors (the Tu-154 has them, but they're emergency exits and they're hardly reachable because of the engines, so stairs don't go to those doors) Daniel
  10. I don't have 46.bgl, I only have bgl-s from 1 to 39.
  11. Hello! I have a problem with AES v1.91. I have installed IGFly Domodedovo scenery, it's written in the scenery.cfg, but if I want to select this scenery AES says scenery not found, or not active... I've tried everything, but nothing works. Can somebody help me? Daniel
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