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  1. I am just starting out with Vatsim and need to practice go-rounds and diverts so that I am comfortable doing them, at the moment I become flustered and not quite sure what the correct sequence of events that follows from the instruction or intention to go-around therefore I need to practice so that it becomes easier to perform this action. Has anyone got a nice situation set up where I can practice? needs to be somewhere in Europe that is not to busy and has a simple go-around procedure that I can keep on going around and around. Can I just put in say some fuel enough for a couple of hours of go-arounds or do I need to use PFPX or some other planning software? in a light aircraft I just load up some fuel, take off and just keep going around and around, it's not so straight forward with an airliner. Happy to receive any comments about this important procedure and I thank all who answer in advance. Best regards Clive
  2. Just done my first go-around as a practise for my P1 pilots rating (trying to get comfortable with the A3200) it ended well although not certain if it was done correctly, but is it normal for "Go-Around Active" to be displayed at the top of the screen even when you have landed? did not interfere with anything just wondered if that is normal after a GA. Thanks Clive
  3. Hi datguytho, Lol thanks just came to the forum to check what's the latest and saw this message for me. I will certainly check it out. However I have another problem only this time with the right MCDU where the Cargo entry box is greyed out all the other entry boxes are fine. I re-installed all three simconnect.msi apps but the problem still remains so now I am just checking to see if anyone has/had the same problem so I can have a go at fixing it. Clive
  4. datguytho, Thanks for the reply would be nice if it makes into the new A320. Clive
  5. To all you MCDU experts out there Is it possible to enter an extended runway centre line for the Bus please? Thanks Clive
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