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  1. Thanks Sascha for the info on this problem. Will try to do as you advice and see what happens when I will have more time to go for a very long flight.
  2. Personally I feel that most of the stuff that makes flight simming more real is the hardware to it like TrackIR and such. And there are a lot of add-ons like the Flight Sim commander who makes it even more real, but where you need to have more than one screen because otherwise flying becomes still very hard. So in this regard would it be great to have a flight sim that could like the FSX map have chart maps available to pop-up when in the cockpit just as you can maximise the FSX map feature, and the place of your aircraft marked in it. This would be a great help not only for just flight simming, but as well educational. This way you can keep your eyes also focused to where you are flying. In FSX you are nothing with such maps in the default scenery as you mostly don't really know where you really are vis-à-vis a landmark place. So a sim should already if possible be sold with VFR scenery in place or seperately sold together for different regions and/or better that the FSX VFR scenery add-ons would be made compatible with the new sim whereas the customer can choose between an updated version or not. Remember that many flight simmers already have invested an enormous amount of money on the FSX sim. Many will thus not take the step once again, and the more so in these economic troubled times!!! I can fairly state that the montly income of most simmers is about 2000 Euro I assume. And with that they need to feed also the family, buy stuff for their kids and wife/husband as well as birthdays and christmas gifts and such, or even a new car. So I feel that it is best to take that in mind with a new sim in terms of full compatibility of at least the FSX scenery add-ons that are the most expensive ones. I think that it should count also for the aircrafts, but based on what I read from Matthijs do they seem to create more to the art and more real aircrafts visionally outside and inside, especially the cockpit. Then again based on what I read seem all indications to go to a sim that makes flying the aircraft most important, meaning that you in real life as a pilot can't start hoovering somewhere outside above or around your aircraft. I don't know if many simmers would like that witnessing all the pics that people often do take during their flight. And with regard to the weather do we have superb FSX features like REX for instance.
  3. Hi, I have a similar problem, but have for the moment no other sceneries than those of Aerosoft installed like VFR Germany West and Nord as well as Megascenery Hawaii X. I also installed lately German airfields 1,2 and 3 as well as German Airports 2X together with Airports of Mexico City & Central X. Beside all this is also Austria X installed and UTX Europe & Canada as well as GEX USA/Canada/Alaska and FS Altitude Western Europe. When I wanted to do some flying in the Inselhüpfen area starting at Sylt, I constantly ran into an FSX freeze with the settings advised in the manual. I had also installed TrackIR 5 and seem to wrongly have thought that it was the cause of the problem. But after uninstalling it and go for a flight in FSX starting always in Sylt, then FSX frooze too and thus TrackIR couldn't be the problem. So did a few changes in the Library settings and unchecked also FS altitude, but to no avail. Yes, it went better in a first flight test after the Library settings change. Instead of flying just for about 10 to 15 minutes, I was able to fly from Sylt almost to Bremen Harbor till FSX said no more. I dunno know if this is due to that I had passed perhaps the problems in the scenery whereas I the other time flew right over it. What I do notice however is that the fps jumps like crazy between 10 to even a maximum of 80 sometimes in. And it even over just water scenery can drop sometimes to below 10 fps with the camera view pointed top-down to the water. How strange can that be because such a view creates normally one of the biggest and stable fps hits you can get in FSX? Another guess is to uninstall VFR Germany Nord, as I hadn't had none of these problems with VFR Germany West installed when it was installed together with Austria X, UTX, GEX, Hawaii X. I don't know if it will help. My idea is that if I let the scenery of the German Airfields as well as German Airports 2 X installed and reinstall VFR Germany Nord that it maybe could solve the problem due to the automatic updating vis-à-vis the airfields installed already within the region. But it's just a wild guess and if it doesn't, then I will be at a total loss in how to solve this issue here, as it's for the moment my last hope. So I would be very glad if someone has encountered the same situation without the Dan scenery present on his/her system and found a way to solve it. Thanks. P.S. I also have Traffic X installed.
  4. Thanks Shaun, I must really have been completely asleep when downloading what I bought that day.
  5. Thanks for the additional info Shaun and Finn!! Will later on give it a test for sure. Bernadette
  6. Hi Finn, I suppose that you have to put bufferpools and Jobscheduler yourself into the FSX.cfg file because I have neither one of them in that file. And if so, then where it is best placed in the FSX.cfg file? Mine is a Dell Dimension 9200 quad core PC with the nvidia 880 GTX single 768 Mb graphics card. Thanks for the help in this as well if it would ameliorate things even more hopefully. Bernadette
  7. Well, decided to give it a quicker test and it was most promising, as I could leave my Global texture setting to the max with the same aircraft I before was even unable to take off from Frisco international airport. Now I notice an fps that even went to a 20, but occasional drops below 10 to mostly just 10 or a bit above. So changing the boot.ini file clearly helped a lot with this scenery and I suppose it to be the same for Manhatten X when I will test that one out, or probably other scenery already installed for quite some time in improving them as well. So couldn't resist to show some pics of the test. Had a bit more if the fraps key would have kept working that is. This is a city view in FSX completely to my liking. Perfect order and no chaos, then perfectly placed buildings. So keep it coming Aerosoft. Keep up the good work!!
  8. Hi Shaun, Thanks for the info Shaun! Found the Boot.ini now and changed it, but don't have a bufferpool's section in my FSX.cfg file. Will see another day what the change only in the Boot.ini will do. Hoping on the best.
  9. Hi Shaun, Thanks for trying to help me in solving this problem. This is a partial copy of an email notification of my order that shows that I in any case have downloaded the correct file I hope. 1 x Mega Airport Frankfurt X (10730) = 24.95EUR Version Download Below the file I downloaded from the link in the email that took me right to my account: AS_MEGAAIRPORTFRANKFURTX_FS2004.zip I unzipped the file and beget in a folder only this to click on: AS_EDDF2008_V100 for the installer to start. Once it does I beget an opening photoscreen that says and seem to indicate it to be the FS9 version instead of the FSX one. When I go further after a succesful registration, then I choose the FSX destination folder, but I beget a question when clicking on next: Did you select the FSX folder. But I did and so I suppose to be having the right installer for FSX based on this. In the zipped download that I unzipped was only one installer that gave no choice option between FS9 nor FSX. Hope you can help me out on this. Bernadette
  10. I don't know about Las Vegas, but there is already a Megascenery Las Vegas X available, and one that is also distributed by Aerosoft as well if I am not mistaken. Orbx is also starting to make a lot of progress with work on the north American continent the same was as what they've done with Australia. So I think that it would be great based on their experience in releasing additional especially australian airport sceneries that Aerosoft gradually goes from one interesting US city to the next one. When you combine that with the Rex weather engine software that is much more than just about weather and clouds, then you will have over time together with an up-to-date PC one heck of a flightsim, one that won't need another next FS, as I certainly don't know what more you can have than the very high amount of reality already available. Just more very good add-ons will certainly be more than enough, and it will give every developer of state of the art FSX add-ons and especially the end-user the opportunity to almost cover the entire globe over the years to come and eventually with even better PC's. I only hope that they keep the add-ons in stock as long as it takes because it then would become a hobby of years like the ancient old train model hobby with Marklin as the most known of it. It would be sad if we wouldn't be able to buy a certain scenery anymore just because it has been made years ago while there isn't a next FS than still just FSX. I don't know what others think of it, but from what I can already witness on my PC, then I can't see how FSX can be made better than just with the right add-ons and a stronger PC, especially the graphics and speed as well as Ram (they now have already DDR3 Ram memory chips available which is much faster than their DDR2 predecessor), but not with another FS which would cause developers to redo everything again and simmers pulling all their hair out of their body due to that they once again have to buy everything anew. And I think we can agree that most simmers are not that wealthy to go for it once again!!!!!
  11. Having the same problem with Frisco!!! I can't even fly it with lower settings and a very fps friendly little aircraft. And my PC is a high-end one, namely 4 Gb of Ram with a nVidia 8800 GTX 768 Mb Ram. Don't even find the boot.ini file at all nor boot.bak for that matter.
  12. Is there anyone who can help me on this problem please?
  13. Hi, I seem to be unable to install this Aerosoft add-on that I have downloaded. The registration was succesful, but it somehow seem to be unable to locate the FSX folder. Tho that I am logged in as administrator in my Windows Vista PC and that I manually choose and thus browse to the FSX folder, then the installation program still thinks that I haven't done it. What is happening and how can I solve this problem if possible? Thanks for any help and advice on the matter.
  14. Sooorrrrryyyyy, found the english manuals of both airplanes just now. Was a bit too quick with that question.
  15. Just this simple question: Is there a way of getting also an English manual download in PDF, as there came only a German one with the download version? I know a bit German, but not quite good enough to understand it properly, and certainly no technicality German. Thanks for any help to this regard.
  16. Brussels airport is not compatible with DX10!! That's the reason why your buildings are grey at night. But everything is working fine in DX9 mode.
  17. Yes, I know Isola, but it would be a great show of respect if we could be lenient on this rule for this particular matter concerning Manhatten. It doesn't matter how long ago it happened because it's one of those things we should not forget ever, even keeping remembering that a flight simulator is still just something virtual and not really real. No matter how hard we may try to simulate real life, then it will never be truly the real thing. And so in this regard is it my personal feeling and opinion that we especially for this kind of situation should be courageous enough to be human within the unifying concept of thinking that we also in the virtual world are ready and capable of showing our sincere respect for the reality that is real and has really happened. After all is it possible to use the Microsoft Flight Simulator to simulate war epos as well if you would want to do so. You just create the scenery, put it in place at the exact spot and then fly the special designed spitfires or Messchersmidts for this purpose and do an online battle simulation over the Channel between Dover and Calais for instance. Would this be simulating real life today? Not really either, but it is possible to do so. So why not creating the twin towers, something that will only take a very tiny bit of the percentage for the entire project at the end, but with a very important message of respect, courage and determination of never again. Worth a thought I feel and think.
  18. Manhattan X looks great, but will the Twin Towers be put in place as well as a homage to the fallen in respect to all those who not only have lost their lives, but also to those who relentlessly kept searching wihtout end for survivors so to save as much lives as they possibly could do? Perhaps that many don't want to be remembered, but I think it would be a great signal as well in that terrorist can maybe wrech havoc in trying to terrorize us, but won't break our spirit ever in standing up to them. It's only virtual here, but they won't be able to tear it down at all now. Just a thought tho.
  19. Yes I see and understand Matthijs, but what I'm a bit confuzed with now is why not going forward with the project? The scenery has been taken away from the net completely, and it was not done for FSX at all. I just got a reaction from the one who made it available for FS2004 and he was not ready to make a FSX version nor commercializing it in anyway. I think he probably was so saddened that no Belgium scenery was to be developed for even FS2004 that he thought to do something good, and certainly not wrong so to help the flight sim community. And how many flight simmers in the community don't think within the same concept as him when you look at the many free downloads at Avsim? And yes, it's certainly within the flight sim community not always clear what is permissable and not, especially when you are not lectured in the matter of copyright. I suppose like many of us simmers that he got himself quite confused when a program became available online wherewith you could copy photos of Google Earth I think, and then put them into that pogram which on itself would then create the VFR photographic scenery for FS2004 and/or FSX. I'm sure you yourself Matthijs will probably have come across it, as it stood in one of those popular flight sim forums, namely the one of Avsim if I'm not mistaken. The only reason why I myself went not along with it is because I read that there were at the time still a lot of problems plus that it was a program that was not that easy to handle or to work with unless you know what you were doing, plus that I'm on that end of using the computer through such type of software a complete zero whilst not forgetting that you need a lot of time which I don't have. But based on the fact that some scenery pictures where put into forums of the software at work, and how good it was in FSX clearly demonstrates that many flight simmers must have been completely unaware that even putting pictures online could have been not right as Aerosoft itself mentioned with regard to their Luxembourg city free downloadable demo software scenery project. I don't know if the software still is inexistence or not as I haven't keep track of it, meaning the one for Google Earth in the Avsim forum. Anyhow, that the creator of the Belgium scenery has taken it immediately offline seems to indicate that he really did not do so with wrong intend, which means I think and suppose that the market for a Belgium scenery as you spoke of will be still as large now and in the future as it was before. I myself for instance will not hesitate one single millisecond to buy it as a scenery for FSX will be far better for my enjoyment of flying over Belgium then one for FS2004 due to the simple fact that you would be able to fly at a quite very low altitude something that becomes very interesting when there would also be autogen in place like the one of VFR Germany of Aerosoft for instance or like London now. Personally do I think that now thanks to this thread also that not many will attempt to make a scenery for free of Belgium anyway now that things have become completely clear to this regard which would give Aerosoft full freedom to go it full steam ahead when still wanted. And you will probably always have people with a lot of knowledge in computer science who for themselves will create them scenery projects, but then not for others then just for yourself. Should that prevent professional scenery developers from doing the same for the community market? I personally don't think so because then no scenery at all would be forthcoming at all while everyone would be forced to do it themselves all alone if they can do so but won't do much flying at the end which would you start wondering why you bought a flight sime at all in the first place. So basically if I understood it correctly Matthijs is everyone allowed to donwload the pictures from Google Earth to their system, and even create a scenery for FSX for instance if they have a software tool to do so, but not allowed to share it with the flight sim community. But what about the few who would have downloaded it to their system because if many people would have downloaded that Avsim software when so and would have been able to work with the sofware, then doesn't that fall a bit into the same problem in that everyone would have made a lot of VFR scenery for themselves fully free even when having not shared it nor putting photos online of it? It seems that there is or has a sort of grey zone being/been created within the flight sim community that has put a lot of confusion in a few or more then a few flight simmers who want or wanted to do good, and have mastered the skills of developing things whether scenery or aircrafts and such. I think that it would be good to have some rules and regulations standing in one and the same place online about what can and what can't be done perhaps on the FS Microsoft website whereas every forum and FS developer points with a clear link on their website to this FS Microsoft page so that it would clearly be available and readable for everyone without exception. It would be a good thing I think now that FS has grow more from an adventurous project into a full professional tool, and even recognized by the FAA as such. Many flight simmers are most probably still thinking within the old concept of being part of the FS family and trying to help one another out with new things they have been able to create themselves so to give something to the community while the FS itself at the same time has grown into a complete professional flight sim instruction tool with everything that comes with it. To me it seems that the Microsoft Flight Sim sits in a sort of transition with on one hand many in the community who want it to be as before like we have come to witness with regard to the many problems between FS2004 and FSX compatibility and those within the Microsoft developers world who want to push it beyond the concept of just a product marketed as a game, then a fully intergrated instruction tool to be used within the professional flying business. But then: Can those few who have donwloaded the Belgium scenery already now keep it on their system whithout sharing it whether by thus not putting it themselves online so to speak and/or not putting photos of it online in forums? Or should it be no matter what deleted completely from the system? In any case, and this is my personal view, do I think that there will still be a great market waiting to finally buy them a Belgium scenery project from Aerosoft because otherwise will there maybe another running away with the cheese so to speak like perhaps FS Dreamscape or Feelthere unless it would be known that they themselves concentrate them only on U.S.A. scenery projects with also Canada. And on a sidenote Matthijs: Do you as being from Aerosoft know more alreayd about what Microsoft has decided with regard to the next FS 11 in terms of scenery compatibility? Will we be able to put all those expensive scenery projects that many bought into a possible FS 11? Well, I think and suppose that many will be devastated if all those expensive scenery packages couldn't be used in a next FS. You just have to make a calculation with all that is yet available to know to what amount of money it surmounts. It's not something you hope to have to pay once more again especially when the FSX scenery is very good quality at low altitude.
  20. I see Matthijs, but what about what Alex writes? I saw that he has it right too that everyone can take it from Google as well. And if I'm not wrong, then there does or has existed a program on the net wherewith people could transform those Google pics into a VFR photographicscenery for FS2004 and/or FSX. I think that even Aerosoft gave a free downloadable software product to do the same with regard to Luxembourg, but noticed everyone at the same time that it can be used to create photographic scenery for Luxembourg city while not quite sure if it would be legal to put photo's taken when flying in FSX online. It's becoming all a bit confusing to me I must say. Based on what you write, then it's illegal to have the photo scenery on the system, yes?? But if the software used to create the scenery is legal, and the creator has taken his pics from Google to do so, then it would not be illegal to have it on your PC, but it is advisable to not put pictures on the net of it. Would this be correct because I assume it to be of interest to many, as most of us do not know a lot about these issues between using is legal for instance, but showing that you have is maybe not so. Then another question Matthijs: Is the reason why you do not want to do a Belgium VFR anymore for FSX because of this? I'm a bit confused as you wrote that your partner has bought the data for a possible VFR Belgium, and so am a bit puzzled why not using it then based on the fact that it cost a lot of money to buy it. Why buying the data and then do nothing with it anymore? Belgium is after all not that a lot bigger then Hawaii, or certainly not Venice, isn't it? Just a few questions from a confused person now. P.S. And Matthijs: Based on what Alex wrote, could it then not be that the person has paid Google for the right to use it? If that's the case, then it would be legal, yes? Just asking me these few additional questions because I'm certain that a person who puts his real name so easily on the net must on the one hand maybe not be aware that he's doing something illegal, or is certain that everything that he does is done legal. I think that thus the best way to know this is to contact the person in question without much fuzz for the time being and see what he responds back, or will write on his website as a clarification for instance. Maybe the person is very rich, and so wanted to do something for the FS community by, as I wrote earlier, paying Google for everything what needs to be paid so that everything would be legal based on how it will be used by him and those who download it to their system and this on Google terms of rules to this matter. Then the only thing that he would have forgotten to do is to put this also in the Read Me file very clearly to this regard, or is something that he will do when everything for the whole of Belgium is done for FS2004 and not FSX. P.S. bis I just noticed also that the developer of the scenery has taken his VFR Belgium photographic scenery away from the net!!
  21. And what happens when you would install Mega Heathrow anew, and put in on top in the scenery section of FSX with London below it? Have you tried this Boqbrain? Maybe that it could help solve your problem. Just a guess tho.
  22. That's great news Matthijs!! with regard to the Netherlands Any idea when we will be able to buy it. Any chance to get them to put Belgium in it as well as a plus bonus? Sorry couldn't help myself. I know knowing that they won't be that happy to release first this that they probably won't be that jumpy to do a bonus with the package. But I thought that it couldn't hurt to ask. As they say: A no you have, and a yes it can be if so possible. And if your worries about the Belgium scenery would be lessening Matthijs, then here is the creator's email address in case: willem.vandervoort@pandora.be With me is the scenery installed on my system of course for otherwise I wouldn't have been able to take those pictures, but my PC seems to keep behaving perfectly. Even FSX doesn't give any problems whatsoever on my system tho that I must admit that I for the moment due to a new job have not that much time to fly anyway. Personally do I think that we can be assured that it's problem free for otherwise no creator would use his very own name as the emailadress I suppose. But then again can such a reasoning of course be naive of my part based on what is going on on the net these days. But should we put honest people into the same category as the criminals just because these criminals have put an immense fear into our heart resulting in a situation whereas we starting to push everyone into the same box so to speak. P.S. I just noticed also that there are two new additional areas of Belgium ready, namely Ostend VFR and Chimay VFR. http://users.skynet.be/fa926657/Belgium-VFR.htm And below the main address of the creator's website: http://users.skynet.be/fa926657/index2.html
  23. Yes, you probably will have it right Manuel, but I thought that there would be nothing wrong from Aerosoft to just ask and see what the creator responds back. You never know what comes from it, and maybe a bit cheaper. For all we know, then this guy could have done it all by himself for instance and would be willing to sell or do the work for Aerosoft. It probably won't happen based on what Matthijs wrote, but yeah: Who knows. There is in any case a lot of interest in it I think.
  24. Thanks everyone for the reactions till now. And yes Matthijs I can see your point , but I can't of course neither say if it's legal or illegal . And I don't think that people should be afraid of downloading viruses because the downloads do stand on the server of Windows Live, namely Windows Live SkyDrive. So I do suppose that before it being put onto such a server that it has been tested on possible viruses as well as is mostly the common norm today with professional businesses like Microsoft and many Internet Service Providers (ISP's). And this does me thinking that the creator has used and is using virus free pictures for his project of the whole of Belgium. There is an email on the link page, and the creator has also his own main page where this link is only a section out of it as I noticed by cutting it a bit short. So I suppose that the best to know if a lot has to be paid, and if that person is maybe a wealthy person who has paid for it, or who knows has done the flight himself by taking those pictures as the pros would do, is to email him and see what he writes back. If everything is really legal then I think that it would be a shame if not some sort of deal could be made with him, as he has the pictures for a VFR Belgium while Horizon Simulation has them for the Netherlands, and so only Luxembourg is to be done. After all, for what I remember has there been a VFR Netherlands on the market for FS2004 and was it the intention to go for FSX version as well by Horizon. There is even a shop in Belgium that already has it on its list as a product to be sold and released by the end of this year, but what I assume to be not possible perhaps taking in consideration that Horizon has switched its preferences more to Scotland then to the Netherlands for the release of their next VFR product. Anyhow, everything would be there for as good as the entire BeNeLux, which at the same time would be a great thing to have for we have VFR Germany of Aerosoft, and VFR of England meaning that you would be able to fly in due time from the east of Germany all the way to England over VFR scenery. I don't know, but would this not be a tempting situation for many FSX flyers to be able to do that, even when they are not so familiar with Belgium. This entire section of the world not only VFR photoscenery at low altitude, but with FS altitude also at high altitude, which means that you would when descending to land just be switching into another VFR photoscenery and not the default one from the east of Germany all the way till the west of England, not to mention that we now have also the Swiss package as well. Yeah, maybe I'm dreaming, but I think many Dutch and Belgian FSX flyers are surely doing the same hoping that it may become true and very real one day. And in another forum are there even Americans who are interested in this scenery for a pure FSX version as well as I just noticed. So there is clearly also an interest for it not just only in the Netherlands and Belgium, or in the European part of the world. I don't know if I have wet your appetite Matthijs, but of course still can't tell if that Belgium scenery is done fully legal or not. Sometimes a simple email to the creator can do wonders to that I hope . Oh, and would it not be great to be flying once again over Holland in those pipers in FSX this time? P.S. And in another forum I put this onto have I got the advice to put the fps at 20 to fly over this scenery in FSX. But I don't know yet myself in how this will fare on my own PC and so can't comment how it behaves with the SF260 or other aircrafts like the Cessna for instance.
  25. NOTE: links and images removed as it seems to be clear this is piracy. It's something that I already for quite some time wanted to do being a bit in the blue when flying over Germany or England and Wales and SoCal, and also can show with this how worth it is to have a VFR Belgium for FSX, perhaps in a sort of Benelux package because it really is worth the effort. Here below just a few shots of a trip from Antwerp to Ghent over Eeklo and Zelzate back to Ghent. But there is also VFR photoscenery availability for as good as 3/4 of Belgium at the moment. Tho it is originally only intended for FS2004, then it works in FSX too. The quality is of course not FSX, but I'm already pleased to have found this. The best way to fly over it will of course be with a helicopter or a light airplane because the scenery in FSX has a great difficulty with higher speeds of above 120 knots. Altitude of flight preferable above 5000 feet. But otherwise a great scenery and a A+ for the one who made this work available for the FS community. Here is a link to his work xxxxxxxx There will probably be no FSX update of his work in the style we all are most used to these days having Horizon scenery and/or the ones of Aerosoft including the MegaScenery in the States. So hopefully some people at Aerosoft can catch in on this and contact the creator of this one and work something out to get it professionally done for FSX because it's really magnificent when you can take in FSX the perfect shot in this for FS2004 work when at the right altitude and the perfect slow speed. So I hope you will enjoy the pictures taken from the place I live to the one I work now and worked before. images removed by moderator Many people who have visited Ghent or do also live there will surely in the last pic notice the Zuid and the Graaf van Vlaanderenstreet that leads to the St-Baafs cathedral, the Belfort and the Korenmarkt. And one thing I would also like to add as you can clearly witness it in the picture before the last one is that the work for the VFR Ghent scenery is very recent photo material as the new yacht harbour at the Steendam bridge in Ghent close to the Dampoort has just recently been finished equally the re-opening again of a piece of the canal around the center of Ghent or the oldest part of Ghent thus. So that material can not be older then 2 years. Hopefully you liked it and comments are of course always most welcome.
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