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  1. First, congrats to the team on the release! I do have one quick question...what happened to the wiper sounds? For me, the wiper sounds aren't even synced up to the actual wipers. The sound is looping, but there is a second of no sound at all, and it just sounds terrible. Is this going to stay like that? It makes using the wipers unbearable, and with TrueGlass I'd like to actually use the wipers.
  2. Congratulations on the CRJ release, loving every second of it! I have P3D V3 and I am wondering if in the next couple of weeks, along with the bug fixes and tweaks, will their be performance optimization? I normally get around 20 frames in the cockpit, which while flyable, is a bit out of my comfort zone. If not, no worries, I need to upgrade my PC anyway Thanks and Congrats on release!
  3. Hi all, I recently had to reinstall Windows, and when I did my first flight with a redownload of PFPX, my OFP looks completely different. Before: After: Is there anyway to change it back to the previous version?
  4. Will the A330 have the custom view system like the A320 family? I find that very annoying, especially with EZDOK. It would be great if you could disable it, but nonetheless, amazing work!
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