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  1. Hi does anyone know whether flightsim commander is going to be available for MSFS 2020?? James
  2. Shame, would go down well I would asume. I would imagine that the app for an android would go down well as that's what I gathered from the initial posts about a year ago....
  3. Hi Mathijs, Just enquiring as to any decision having been made in having this app available on an Android?
  4. Never been interested or inclined to get it/use it. To me it just seems like an xbox game, never bought anything for that but play on it now and again with the lad.....
  5. Was going, but, work offered me stupid money so guess what <lol>..... Went to work.
  6. What do you mean by "crash"? The aircraft or FSX? You also need a good 15-20fps as anything to low is naff.
  7. What operating system? Screen shot would help in eliminating a fonts issue?!
  8. I will be giving you a shout at some stage next week, when I can find the time to install it that is.....
  9. Where did you install the FSX SDK? Did you install it as Administrator? If you did, do you have it set to "run as administrator"? Do you have the shipyard tool to "run as administrator"? Those are the most obvious ones that pop into my mind at present.
  10. You need to run regedit and highlight Computer then click on Edit and then Find, type in either FSC9 or Flight Sim Commander and when it stops with an entry DELETE it. Click on Edit and Find Next and carry on till all entries have been removed. You should then be able to re-install.
  11. It helps and by doing it this way then the relevant files go to where they are ment to go rather than Windows putting them where it wants to put them so to speak. Don't know why but using ASE and REX weather then saving a flight tends to mess up the loading of flights hense, when I now save a situation/flight I kill the weather engine I'm using at the time and clear all weather.
  12. Are you loading it with either REX2 or ASE running? Has the default flight been saved with either those two programmes being run at the same time you saved it? Do you get the same result if you select the aircraft, location, weather etcetera and start the flight? Just a few things off the top of my head worth lokking at. Was it also installed with right clicking the installer and selecting "Run as Administrator"?
  13. Was just a thought. As it's a stand alone sort of programme I would have assumed that running it over the network with wideclient would have been relatively easy. Similar to Project Magenta's Beoing Suite of software. This is obviously not the case. Do what I did and get either a bigger desk or house
  14. Hi Paul, You could try FSUIPC4 (registered) with Wideserver! You could also add a monitor to your laptop.....
  15. A picture would help. Have you tried moving it around the priority ladder so to speak? Have you played around with your graphics settings. I had issues but played around with the settings sorted it out for me.
  16. Yes, will have to make time over this long week-end to get her up for a spin. Here's hoping.....
  17. Neat Ian, I've had mine for ages but as yet NEVER had the time to get her off the ground.
  18. Yes, path's have to be spot on and also, when you run the database manager it's a good thing to right click the file and select "Run as administrator".
  19. If you have a restore point, use it and go back. Then see if it still persists. If not, then the issue is with Navigraph as it's where you no doubt got the AIRAC Cycle from? Revert back to your last cycle and then post this same quiery to Navigraph. Also, did you make a backup (as mentioned) prior to the update so you can revert back?
  20. Surely you will not know that unless you (as in aerosoft) are observing the hit's at any one moment and publishing updates constantly?! Can't understand the relevance. No, they should stay as a seperate entity as sure as eggs are eggs they will create more issues/complaint's. The present system works a treat for me (and others no doubt) so as is normally stated, don't fix what ain't broken.... Well worth considering but, not essencial. What I would like to see as mentioned in previous posts is a date of the update so one could easily keep tab's on when one knew when last updated to what update is now available.
  21. Neat, can I have mine changed to....
  22. Just out of curiousity whatever happened to the search function for a spacific problem?? Have an issue and rather than repeating myself i would rather look through the fora to see if a. it's been asked before and b. If there has ever been a reply/fix.
  23. Nice one mate, you must have had too much to drink last night! Was it the tea or the pint's
  24. Not that I have noticed but, will take a good look the next time I fire up FSX. Also, I would asume it all depends on the system etcetera, as no two systems will be the same.
  25. and if you use TrackIR then set all your views to 0.40 so you get a smooth transition from one view to the next.
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