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  1. Thank you for the reply. In my post I wasn't comparing the A321 to the rest of the family. I was comparing the A321 with IAE engines to the A321 with CFM engines. I just found it odd that changing engine manufacturers would dramatically change a lift scalar (by more than 70%). And this seems to be a change introduced some time in the 1.2.3.X run. But if you tell me that's how it works, I'll accept that. I know nothing about how the flight model is parameterized in P3D.
  2. In the aircraft.cfg this entry seems to have changed for the A321 IAE: [FLAPS.0] lift_scalar = 0.73 For the A321 CFM: lift_scalar 0.428 All of the A319-20 aircraft have this entry: lift_scalar = 0.385 //0.86=>cfg 3 Just curious about the change - it seems odd that the A321 IAE would have a value so different from the rest. Thanks!
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