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  1. I am a Member of UPSVAC, as a cargo VA we use the MD-11F there aren't any halfway decent payware on the market we have 375 members alone. There are other UPS VA's and Fedex, KLM Lufthansa, MartainAir, JAL, TAM, VARG VA's all use them as well. Then also there is the need for MD-11 retro Flights most VA's do now using the old retired Fleet Aircraft to fly routes no longer( some are in use but switch the Aircraft for fun) in use but it adds to our enjoyment to fly a classic Bird. Now between all of these virtual air lines of which there are multiples of some of them, I figure there are a couple of thousand members. add to this the hobbyist who fly by themselves. there is a need for a Good payware Version of the Md-11. I bought the skysim MD-11, (not good in my opinion) I own Aerosoft products(A318/319,A320/321 for FSX, and the pro package of all 4 planes also the CRJ-X) and love them and I'm a Boeing guy. if you were to use the up to date changes to the MD-11 and add the interactive Co-pilot ( with checklist) as well as the base MD-11 in it 1980/1990s form you would have a smash hit with a whole lot of flight Simmers....... Please consider my suggestion I really feel this could be a winning proposition, a loyal Aerosoft customer Tony Pace
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