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  1. Also with the latest update the issue remains - but not as bad as it was before. Best regards, Michael
  2. I could eliminate all stutters by switching off the EFB. Heavy stutters occur when turning on the ground and EFB is on the charts page. Driving straight forward does not have any impact. If the EFB is off everything runs smooth. Also with the test DLL the issue remains. Hans has mentioned the refresh rate of the displays as possible cause - did that include the EFB? Regards, Michael
  3. Hans, there seem to be two different navigraphOIDC.dll although both have same version number and the the same size. In P3Dv5 I found the DLL with last change date 08.05.2020. The one you have provided in this thread does have last change date 29.06.2020. Replacing the DLL with the DLL from 29.06.2020 did it and everything is fine again. Switching back and CRJ is frozen. Cheers, Michael
  4. I'm wondering if mach 0.8 is not to fast for a little CRJ. Over 30,000 feet i never exceed .72-.74 and I do not have this issues. Regards, Michael
  5. Hans, the file did it! First picture is ESSA with Taxi/Recognition : And the second with Landing Lights in addition : And last one EDDK with all lights on Best regards, Michael
  6. Yes, that make sense. Now tested with Uk2000 Luton, which is done with PBR, and everything is fine again. Best regards, Michael
  7. Hans, I'm running on P3Dv5 HF2 with the new version of the CRJ. CRJ itself is complete installed and all FX files are checked. I delete shaders via batch on every start of P3D and do not use any shader tool. Looking from outside I always can see that taxi and landing lights are working. If I'm on default airports the lights will illuminate environment buildings and the ground. Moving to FTX airports like ESSA and ESGG there is no effect from the CRJ lights to buildings, ground and other objects. But moving to EDDK from Aerosoft all lights are all spot on and loo
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