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  1. Good evening everyone, Following advice from TOM A320 and Dave, I updated P3D, reinstalled the 318/319/320/321 PRO, and everything works fine. I have not yet reinstalled the CRJ. Good evening, everyone and have a good flight on our Airbus, and thank you for your wise advice. J-Alain Viele Grübe, best regard
  2. Dear All, Following the installation of version of the A319 and A 320, impossible to maintain the cruise altitude. And paradoxically, I no longer have access to the Navigraph chart on the professional CRJ. I have the 3 products The A330 PRO Version The A319 / A320 PRO Version 13.0.0 CRJ PRO V Do you think I need to uninstall and reinstall everything? Attached are the version files installed for my PC. Thank you in advance for your help and suggestion, to my little worries. Regards Version info.txt
  3. Good evening everyone,
    How does one update V1.0.5.0. I bought the CRJ at Flight Sims.
    I tried by Launcher V1.2.0.3 he tells me that there is no update?
    Thanks for your help.

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