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  1. Thanks Herman - That would be super helpful. As they are at the moment, the tables are really confusing.
  2. That would seem to make sense. What makes me wonder is there is only one set of take-off, climb & landing data, but there are three tables for Max Cruise @ 2000 RPM. Strange. Unfortunately they aren't labeled distinctly so it's all very confusing.
  3. This refers to the following two tables in the "Vol 4 - Data.pdf" document. Here is a link to the two tables in question.... Twin Otter Max Cruise Performance Can someone explain the difference between these two tables for 7,400 lb weight. The only difference between the two tables at that weight is 1 psi torque, but the air speed and fuel flow are very different in each table. If Np, temperature, pressure altitude and torque are the same... why the two tables & why the big difference in speed? What am I missing? Many thanks.
  4. SimStarter v1.7.3 (rev 8) with FSX & accelerator To reproduce the crash... 1) Open a profile's Sim ConfigSet in the Simulation Config Manager 2) Select 'Open in editor...' 3) In the 'Filter by section' listbox I select "[DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X.0]" 4) Select 'New' to add a new parameter 5) 'Allow unknown variables' is checked 6) Add variable name 'AntiAias', value 1. Click 'OK' 7) Program crashes. Notes This parameter already exists in the [Display] section Regards Exception-Log.txt
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