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  1. Hi Dear Guys, Any news on the updated version? Could we still hope? Tamas
  2. No, I can not remember Arrow Air, but Flying Tigers -63's were also involved in this cattle business. Overseas National (another beautiful candidate dear painters!) had a couple of flights also with the 63's, but I think they carried Hungarians from the US to visit families. Also, World Airways, Trans International, Air Canada and even Saturn Airways carried passengers from Chicago and Toronto on charter schedule. All of this in the early seventies! These planes were a real treat for us/me (an enthusiastic youngster with the exeptional luck to have the opportunity to work at the airport), amongst the Tupolevs, Antonovs and Ilyushins of that era. The first wide body, I can remember was an LTU (German carrier) Tristar in its beautiful red-white livery.Around 1973-74. I believe it carried the whole Opera of Cologne for a Budapest tour. Sorry guys for deviating from the original topic: still a Seaboard repaint wold be great.:-) Cheers Tamas
  3. Hi Dear Talented Painters, Yes, the Seaboard DC-8 would be fantastic! Especially in the full paintsceheme.: I met them (dash 62's) regularly at LHBP in the early seventies. They airlifted hundreds of "holstein friesian" cattle from the US. The black and gold paintjob was beautiful in the early morning light. Cheers, Tamas
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