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  1. As I have just realised myself just before reading your message, but It appears I have found my answer, so I thank you! -James
  2. Hello everyone, I am having an issue which doesn't make the aircraft un-flyable but rather that makes you want to sit in silence for the duration of the flight! I have recently purchased the A320/21 after owning the A318/19 and clock some serious hours but thought I would expand! After downloading the latest files for the A320/21 and installed I was just as impressed as I was with the A318/9 (Which I have found no issues with). After taking off in the A320/21 everything seems fine, however once reaching cruise altitude normally around 36,000 (I fly at) the issue begins. Both engines at Mach, power up, then down, then up then down and this continues throughout the entire cruise. Flying at lower altitudes like descending and climbing, I have no issues, power up is fine, just at cruise (Mach)! I have tired un-installing then re-installing, configuring my X52 pro (which I fly my airbus with) but no luck! I have tired finding help online but other issues are with TO thrust nothing of cruise altitude problems! I love the aircraft, just which I could fly it without wanting to rip my ears off from listening to the engines power up and down over and over! Any help or a fix would be much appreciated if someone knows the problem! Thanks guys! -James
  3. Hope everyone enjoy's the video! If you want to see more hit the like button and subscribe for more content!

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