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  1. @KLM737 I don't think they like it to bump this topic. A patch would have been released already 2 years ago. Nothing happend and will not happen.
  2. With 2.21 still no push back with the tow less truck!!! But heyyyy who cares. Just a minority who has this problem and even no reply what's so ever from Pabst about this. What's the use of this program if you can't use the most important thing, which is the push back. The eye candy comes first these day's. I'm off. After a zillion reply's you should know my name by now.............................
  3. Hello, It seems that I'm not the only one with the "fork" pusher problem. For some it's resolved, not for me I'm afraid. But it's both for FS9 and FSX and all at the same time (after pls release pbrake). Also the doors of the pusher behind the NG are closed and our friend is standing next to it on the left waiting. Cheers, John
  4. Oliver, I'm using AES from the very beginning and with all the updates it woked like a charm, never had any problems so no adjustments. Since 2.20 started I only have problems which can't be solved (towbar less pusher and now also the sound) so it seems after 3 updates. If you can't unlucky for me, I'm back to 2.13 if that is the case. Regards, John FS9 and Win7
  5. Ok, but why does it work with the pusher with a tow bar? That one works just fine.
  6. Hi Oliver, Thx for your reply! I tried the 737 again, but that particulair vehicle doesn't show up. I also tried the default 747 and there it works perfect. Maybe handy to have the numbers from the MD11 pax: [Descr] Type=MD11 [Geom] Nosegear= 20.65 Door1=-3.05, 14.85, 4.8, 5 Door4=-2.55,-18.1, 4.85,-5 Front= 1.75, 11.25, 2.6 Rear= 1.55,-13.6, 2.65 Ramp agent is on the left looking to the tow less vehicle and after saying release parking brake. That's where it all stops. Cheers, John
  7. The only way I can release the breaks is with pressing the dot. With the MD11 you can also hear the release. I also tried to hit it a few times more, same result. I've tried it also with the default 737, same thing...?! But I seem to be the only one around I think and I'm working with ASE from the beginning. Cheers, John
  8. I still have a pushback problem. With the one that lifts the aircraft (PMDG MD11) it all goes well untill release parking breaks. After that nothing happends anymore. I still hear the sound off the truck but that's it. The one with the "fork" and just pushes it, it's all Ok. This is within FS9. Cheers, John
  9. Hi Oliver, Congrats with the 5 years. Good stuff! Anyway, all works fine (GS9 and PMDG MD11), but it won't start the pushback. All equipment is gone as it should, pushbacker is on its place, breaks released but even in 10 minutes nothing happends anymore. With that I have the same problem as in post #30. Never had this problem before in the previos version also with Win7. Regards, John Ps. I'm Back to 2:13 and that works normal.
  10. This amazed me totally. So Aerosoft is now looking what kind of legal stuff Microsoft would use if they wouldn't update? I hope I misunderstood you. If I understand you correctly then it's pretty simple: 1. A product must work properly when this was bought. 2. A product must fullfill what it's suppost to do. Ie, what it shows on the box and/or in advertisement(s). Both is not the case. For example it states the requirements what kind of minimum system you need to properly run this scenery. I only see reactions of people who have a higher system then required. Then if you look at the "details" and "features" what this up to date scenery would have, then I can tell you there is a lot of work to do to meet what is promised. I don't have to tell you what. The only flaw I can think off is that the bridges, with the technologie at that time it came out, should be like Leipzig. It is part of the taxi way which should be with "realistic rendered textures". Another thing could be that the minimum requirement is when you use the default planes. But that doesn't say anywhere and commercial wise might not be handy because (almost) everybody is using a PMDG etc plane. Then another thing. Microsoft is sending me updates almost every day. They will stop doing this when other companies who use the software of MS won't use a certain OS anymore. I think that XP in the comming years will have that. In the mean time has MS updated this OS for years (also with SP's)! I don't know the legal system in Germany but here you would go down big time for the reasons 1 and 2. I would guess that in Germany it wouln't be that much different. I won't sue you for a E 25,- product, but the excuses used above is very low and for your customers not really an advertisement. In general I would have believed that Aerosoft would have done more with this too long lasting issue. Kind regards, John
  11. @Michael, Since this AMS scenery disaster I just always check the forum first to see what is going on. About this one, it has already 31 !!! pages and a lot of promisses. Nothing happend in the mean time. No avance against Shaun, he does what he can which is basicly nothing!
  12. Bought it todat but when landing at 25L I get an uncontrolled bank angle (untill about 150 ft all Ok) and crash. (FS9) What can I do? Reg, John
  13. If you are working with Windows 7 you have to open FS as administrator. Probably FS has not that icon, but when you use Active sky you'll see it. Run it from there. Then check youre scenery libary and add the ones you're missing. Close FS and you'll see them in AES again. The next times after, again run it as an administrator and all go fine (with me anyway). I don't know why this is happening, but for me the solution. Reg, John
  14. Same problem here. Also Win 7 and FS9. Reg, John
  15. Gate G-5 and below is a push pull one because of the jet blast when they use brake away power (ie starting taxi). G-7 and 9 is a normal push. John
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