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  1. I agree with Shrikar, Charan, Rishab, Apoorv, Shreyas, Rahul, Swapnil and Ajmal. India needs a high quality payware addon scenery as we're being left out from popular developers. Traffic on IVAO and VATSIM are very less due to this. Airports like VOMM (Chennai International Airport), VOBL (Kempegowda International Airport), and VECC (Chandra Bose International Airport) have traffic rarely, but without a good scenery. In order to increase traffic to and from Indian airports, we really need a good scenery from a good developer. On behalf of all the Indian simmers out here, I'd like to request you to create a scenery for us, not only to boost traffic online, but also to increase realism for pilots flying in and out of India. I hope Aerosoft is able to do something for us. Thank You!
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