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  1. Nevermind. Uninstalled the Airbus A320/321 and reinstalled it again. Issue is gone. I have no clue what caused it.
  2. Hello Aerosoft, I have your Airbus A320/321 (loving it too!) and for a very long time I had no issues with it. A couple of months ago, I built a new computer and, after installing FSX and my addons, your Airbus makes a "popping", or "crackling" sound every certain x amount of seconds. Before I came here to post about, I searched the web for information and found this thread: I listened to this specific file "ASC_GenRunLoop" and it could very well be the culprit of this popping sound. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find any solutions how to fix this problem. Since this thread is from 2010, I was wondering: did you guys came up with something how I could fix this? It really annoys me, especially since I know how problem-free I was running your aircraft on my old computer. Thank you very much in advance and kind regards, Vincent
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