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  1. I know this comment may be a little late but Furthermore I find the staff/developers at Black Box Simulations, to be rather arrogant and rude. I have had a few run in's with them with support on joystick throttle issues and they were very un-supportive i had to demand for a refund fortunately they cooperated. Now about this Matter and BBS A330 VS Aerosoft Airbus Family, Personally I find that the A320 has a Pretty accurate FBW system and the BBS FBW system is left to be desired. I think BBS is Butt hurt and jealous that you guys at Aerosoft are making a A330 series that is way better looking and more functional than there shotty A330 but the only thing BBS holds is that they make the first payware A330/340 for P3d/FSX. Finally I cant wait to fly the AS A330 and fly the BER 7008 flight from EDDL(DUS) to KRSW(RSW) Keep Up the great work and have a great day and weekend.
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    Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Can Any one make a West Jet A319 A320 A321 NEO As well as a319 A320 A321 Air canada Sharklets