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  1. I can also confirm it isn't cumulus X. My friend with a system that's almost exactly the same as mine doesn't have Cumulus X installed and he's still getting the CTD's. I've not had the time to try it myself, but it is definitely happening on systems without it installed.
  2. 1.) A second hard drive( G:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X ) 2.) Vista Ultimate 64 bit SP2 3.) Yes 4.) Disabling UAC was the first thing I did after I installing Vista... Hope this helps.
  3. I have zero FPS impact until I turn the map on. Then it slows down a couple FPS to 33-34 from my target of 36. Hardly worth mentioning... the default GPS map isn't great for FPS, so this isn't the developer's fault. I don't see any reason to worry about it!
  4. Kiwikat


    Downloading now! Thanks for all your work on this one.
  5. It was certainly interesting to hear this sort of insight from another developer. It would be great if more developers would put an hour in to answer questions like this. It seems much more personal than answering questions on a forum. Mathijs, I have some questions I'd like to ask you. The public forum probably isn't the best place for it (I don't think). Would you suggest I PM you? Or is there an email I can contact you at? Throw me a PM with the information if you'd like. Thanks a lot!
  6. LOL never mind. I can't read It lists the C-5 Galaxy.
  7. Where'd you hear about the C-5? I know the C-17 is usually there and I know about the A380 this year. I wasn't aware the C-5 was making a return though. It isn't listed on the airventure site either. There are a lot of AWESOME warbirds there this year. I'm excited to see them.
  8. Yes they might be, but as I said in my previous post, we won't have to worry about it anytime soon. I'd be surprised to see the airsimmer bird released for FSX by 2015 at the rate they've been progressing. Until then, the Aerosoft offering will most likely be the best thing out there.
  9. May I ask how it is anything like a FMS system if you have to use the FSX planner...? I guess I'm going to have to let this one pass and wait another 4 years for Airsimmer to release a FSX version. Wait, 4? I meant 14!
  10. This would be very nice and HUGELY appreciated. I would love to put my 430W in there.
  11. I found that track IR was changing my view a bit. I turned it off and used locked spot. It appears that the whole plane is sliding when you roll the plane, not just the tail. It is really hard to explain with words. It doesn't feel natural though, from external view or the VC.
  12. If you guys are running 64 bit Vista and a good amount of ram, there shouldn't be any problems. I'm running Vista 64 Ultimate and 8 GB ram and the Catalina is running perfect, locked at 36 FPS.
  13. On my first flight I noticed that when I move the plane on its roll axis, the tail slides a good amount to the right or left causing a rather unnatural feeling effect. I talked to a real world pilot about this happening in real aircraft and he said it doesn't happen in anything he has ever flown. Is this an issue with the flight model or is it something that is experienced on the real Catalina? Other developers, even freeware ones, have issued patches in the past to fix this on their various aircraft. That is what's leading me to believe it is an issue.
  14. May I ask what you consider to be a "VA"? Does it have to use Vatsim or IVAO? Can it be a smaller FS Host flight group? I look forward to adding another amphibious aircraft to my hangar. There simply aren't enough out there for FSX. The Cat will fill a big gap.
  15. She's a blast with my new computer and track IR. I'm very pleased to finally be able to fly her. Getting my locked FPS in the exterior and low 30's VC is definitely acceptable. Thanks for trying to put up with me before Thorsten. Great work. I've finally been silenced.
  16. Default FSX w/accel at nearly maxed settings, 1680 x 1050 res, 8xQ AA, and 8x AF, gave me 140 to 180 FPS on my Q9550 rig. Now with a ton of addons and not a single default square inch of FSX (except Antarctica...), I have it locked at 36 and thats what I get. 36 seems to be the sweet spot on my rig. More than enough for smooth performance with Track IR too. He needs to figure out what is wrong with his setup, not go back to an ancient sim that is FS9.
  17. I appreciate the work you and your team have put into this plane and patch, but unfortunately, the patch is making zero difference on my system. Other more complex aircraft are still getting much higher FPS. With that, I'm giving up. Sorry for any problems I may have caused in the past.
  18. As I said on the official PMDG forum several times, there is NO way a newer Gulfstream would go into MSFS. Not only does Gulfstream disallow it, look at the planes themselves. There are MANY features that would be completely impossible within MSFS because there is no way to implement them. The Planeview avionics system is so complex it makes planes like the PMDG 747 and MD-11 look like a Cessna 152. It would take several years, tens of thousands of dollars, and a supercomputer to run it even IF Gulfstream were to allow it. That being said, it wouldn't be very accurate either due to the sim's limitations. The final cost to the user would be VERY high. I'd love one of these more than anyone else, but it isn't going to happen. Not in FSX or earlier. Watch for the Flight1 Citation Mustang if you are looking for a nice quality biz jet.
  19. Those of you who have lower FPS and are waiting for the patch, try different graphics drivers. They made a significant difference for me. If they don't work, you can always rollback to the old ones you had installed. As with the F-16, turning shadows off really helps due to the sheer number of polys. If you have lower specs that should increase your performance a good amount.
  20. I've really cleaned up my hard drive, tweaked a few FSX settings, and have installed some new modded 180.43 drivers. I'm confident I can squeeze a few more FPS out of this plane. I'll report back with my findings. EDIT: Well I've got her back in the sim. I need to convert my favorite paint to DDS to reduce the texture loading times, but my FPS are now near 25 in the air. That's at least flyable enough for me to check it out and see the features of the plane. EDIT 2: With autogen off I am getting an average of 27-28 FPS in my VC. That is definitely flyable. But what's a bush plane without the bush
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