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  1. Here are the pictures
  2. Good day, after the update, there are no more windows in the terminal in Paderborn. If you look from the outside, you have them. But if you look from the inside, they are gone. Yesterday i had CTD in the area around the airport. But I don't know if it's because of the update.
  3. I bought the CRJ700 and CRJ900 in Marketplace. I use Contrail and there i can see that the aircraft is installed. My problem is that the CRJ700 uninstall itself and i have to install it again in content manager. Although the crj700 is uninstalled, I can continue to use the crj900. Why does the CRJ700 uninstall itself? When I look into the One Store folder, I see a CRJ700 file, but only text files and not the complete plane. Now I have to install the CRJ700 very often, because it delete from the game
  4. @ Herman your workaround doesn´t work for me. @phase1NE I can confirm, that i have the same issues with the switches.
  5. After the update Version I have big problems with the trim. I have Thrustmaster Airbus joystick. When I start my plane, the trim is automatically pulled down. I can´t bring it up, not possible. Trim -85.
  6. Good evening, with the latest sim update I have the folowing problem inside the cockpit of the CRJ-900. (I've not checked the other CRJs). By using the standard view (F-position) the mouse hover point of the most buttons and switches in the MCP right under the glare shield are moved enormous to the left-upper side. That means the click point does not hit the button and switches. Same for the rotary knobs like speed and heading knob. Any idea how to solve it or to have a work around? When I use the zoom function and get closer to the buttons the problem gets smaller. But I don't like this kind of work arround, because it disturbs my normal work flow.
  7. Marketplace show the version and the jetways don’t move! I tested it with Adria A320 and Adria CRJ700!
  8. The jetways do not work at your airport. Unfortunately they don’t move, I tried several jetways! The second point is not entirely your fault! Nevertheless Marketplace customers shouldn’t wait several weeks for a update (up to 8 weeks). If it’s a couple of days, I can accept it.
  9. I would accept the argument, that there are many providers. However, Adria Airways was one of the largest operator of the CRJ900 in Europe from 2010 to 2019, larger than Binter or Hop. In the fleet they had 9 CRJ900 , 2 CRJ700 and 6 CRJ200. And even though the airline comes from a small country, it has many fans in Germany, the Netherlands and Slovenia. From my point of view, Adria Airways belongs in the game. It is a shame that aerosoft does not recognize this demand. If I ask a lot of planespotters, they want this airline in the game. To the second question, thank you I will ask the developer and i hope he can solve the problem. Thanks for the hints and help!
  10. I accept that you do not bring certain liveries into the game. Of Course I don´t like the decision, but it is your game. I have the problem that Adria Airways' third-party livery didn't work on the CRJ 700. When I flew with Lufthansa Standard Livery, I didn't have the problems. I attribute this to the fan-made livery. With this livery I have problems with the pressure, with climb rates and the machine does not fly the Route on the autopilot. I did not have this problems with Lufthansa Standard Livery. You should analyze what the problem is. You always refer to the third party liveries, but when the liveries don't work on your plane. i don't have the fun on the game. I want to fly with Adria Airways Livery and for me as a customer it doesn't matter whether it comes from Aerosoft or someone else. But for me it is important that it works!
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