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  1. Do you use any addons except aerosoft airbus and AS?
  2. I am not angry but quite disappointed. I showed you many situation where the plane doesn't behave like it should behave and just because I may be the only one with this problem, is it not worth to look if the problem may be in the plane? Then some thing like your sim is broken, your couatl error causes the shaking or your PC is overwhelmed cant be the only solutions as you can see in the youtube video there is a scenario where the plane is not shaking. And in the other videos it shows when the plane starts shaking. In no other situation the plane has this kind of behaviour. And you still dont
  3. Shaking also happens after start until thrust to climb.
  4. No shaking with manual speed control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFZk3-VH6Ac I was speeding with "Y", so the airport is out of range.
  5. Find out something new. The shaking has nothing to do with the speed I am in, but with the speed i set on the autopilot. Neues Video_Lang.mp4
  6. In the first video had no tweaks. Today I added the affinity mask = 116 tweak and no shaders any more. My cpu is overclocked to 4.6Ghz with a voltage of 1.325. The couatl error should not be the problem. I dont know if we are nearing a solution at the moment. As I said some post ago that in the previous version( I didnt had problems like that. Since the experimental version of I had this problems, then I swichted back to than everything was fine. Now it is shaking again since the full release.
  7. And how can you explain me this behaviour? Prepar3D 2019.06.03 -
  8. What I just noticed is that when the shaking starts during the approach and I do a go around, the shaking stops immediately.
  9. Unfortunately, I still have that shaking. Is there a possibility to rollback in the version?
  10. Ok i will try to clear the shaders. Thank you
  11. When stutters has such an impact why didnt i have the problem with the version of the airbus?
  12. Now was using the lowest settings but still shaking. Was 60+ fps during approach.
  13. As you can see in the video fps is not that low. And I am using ActiveSky. I did a flight without AS but still shaking, I am not sure if i was using AS in the video.
  14. Hello, after the latest version the airbus starts shaking on approach, like the rudders, elevators are going crazy. This already happens when the latest version was experimental, so i rolled back to But now i lost the Version and i cant fly with the airbus anymore. Is this problem known? I most have 20-35 fps. My specs: I7-7700k 4.8Ghz Nvidia GTX 1070TI 16Gb Ram Prepar3d is installed on a SSD. Prepar3D 2019.06.02 - (2).mp4
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