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  1. I would ask for Bangkok airways....
  2. Ok Sascha! I just went home from work just to see this and u were perfectly right i made u waste time for my stupid blindness! The plane is not shot in the air anymore the scenery is perfectly done. the only few things i noticed is about the ice in the water where i still see it like in the pic i sent a bit flat and corner to straight.. Anyway solving the biggest problem now i can enjoy the scenery thanks a lot and sorry for bothering u..
  3. Hi Sasha ! I already checked the files and all the interested folders have no bgl files inside aside some folders like if i remember good the 1107 that inside have a bgl called dem1107.bgl. What u mean activated it by the Aerosoft launcher? When i installed the product i had the launche where i set the lodradius, static aircrafts, lightsin mcmurdoand so on and nothing else, of coursei pressedon apply when i opened FSX the scenery was in the library already as usuall...
  4. i Disinstalled all and reinstalled and same poblem same graphic, and when detect crashes is off the plane jump and doesnt land, If it is on the plane crash as soon as touch the ground so in te scenery i can only fly never land:D
  5. Hi ! Well i tried the advice you gave me! I used the batch file and installed it in the FSX root and then launch it! Then I set the sim to detect crashes and when i started the simulator the plane crashed. So i had to set it again back to ignore crashes. Then With ignore crashes where ever i land i am pushed up even if i land on the snow. Then i am wondering if near the airstrip AQ41 the scenary can be like shown inte pic i attached. http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-002-geEmiEGP.jpg http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-003-KjdXoA8f.jpg http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-004-eUZc6gNJ.jpg http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-007-76wLESsC.jpg http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-008-kkgGUcnO.jpg http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-009-t71w4yz4.jpg http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-010-yXF7vUPY.jpg http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-011-oP8oxdPg.jpg http://www.picpaste.com/DINO7-PC-2012-feb-22-012-ELOsiSMJ.jpg They look a bit hmm how to say flat? anyway the main problem is i cant land! So Now what should i do ? Thanks Alfredo
  6. yes it is set like u said as sometimes while taxing a drunk truck driver run into me:D so i will give a try and let u know for sure thanks for ur kind help Alfredo
  7. Hi ! Yesterday after watching flying wild alaska i deceided to buy antarctica X ! I downloaded the scenery and installed followed all the setting given in the PDF. Start From and airstrip neuman something but when the simulator load the plane is already at 2000 feet. Since i was curious to explore the scenery i flew anyway. I landed on the same strip and as soon as the ski touch the ground the plane was shot at 2000 feet. I tried to take off from MC murdo. Wonderful scenery i taxied to the runway for a take off and as soon as the front ski touch the runway i was shot at 2000 feet like i was piloting a plane of the cavour carrier e used the jumpski..Any idea? Thanks Alfredo
  8. Hi Guys ! How i said in a previous post that i strangly cant find anymore. I have bought FSkepper 3.1 installed in C:\fskeeper open the acars installer i put the hot spot then i selct the acars deviece install it separe windows yes. save the panell. and here is the result. More antime i connect the FSkeeper to flight after a while it stopworking it comes out a message telling me that fs keeper is trying to solve a problem. But it seems FS keeper is not able to solve anything So i am not able to use the cars deveice and i am not able to save an register a flight. Sometimes while connecting the acars it stop working some other times it stop working soon after taxi but never arrive to cruis since the rpogram always fail. Is there anyone who can give me any idea? Thanks Alfredo
  9. HI GUys !! I bought the new FS keeper 3.1 i already had the other versions. Yesterday i installed it and installed a acars deveice on PMDG 747 on the Throttle quadrant. I started the flight and i connected FS keeper to simulator all was fine. When i opened the throttle quadrant where it is supposed to be the acrs deveice i just saw a big black square and didnt see the deviece at all so i was not able to open it. Anyway i deceided to take off after take off the simulator closed to desktop and a window said fs flight keeper stopped to work. At that time i closed that window and went on flying as the simulator didnt crash. I run FSX Service pack 2 on Vista 64. FSUIPC registered version. Saitek pro yoke and saitek rudder plus saitek X52 installed.FSX.cfg have not been modified. I run it with Active SKy X and Radar contact 4.More i am not able to install the gauges. I select the LevelD winglet man pannel i add the hotspot i add the acars and it doesnt ask me if i want it into a separete window. When i click on save i receive the following message Warning the hotspot window identifier for the aircraft boeilg 767-300er winglet level D dont match the acars windows deviece identifier. then ask me if i wanna fix the problem. But how doi fix it Thanks Alfredo
  10. Well who said i wanna use the apint of another Model I perfectly know i need to use a paint made for this model or it wont work for that i asked if anyone will make the thai airways repaint even if this plane is not the same model used by the real thai
  11. Nah i dont expect it but sicne they operate a 300-600 even if the model is not the same it is ayway the one closer to it and since i dont love planes who are too easy i would like to buy this one and plly that livery a bit fictional i know
  12. Hi Guys !! Since I think Thai Airways is a Airline that still USe an A300-600 is there any livery for this aicraft for this airline? Thanks Alfredo
  13. Well how to do it? As the Knobs for that are not simulated At least they dont move... Thanks Alfredo
  14. The problem is with power on all the screens are black! Another problem is that in configuration mangare i set a dark and cold situation but the airplane start with engine on and screens all black!! For the quality if i am able to make a little flight i will tell u for sure it is not a master piece it is the old A380 on which has been added the FMC of the Aibus 2.. THanks Alfredo
  15. Hi Guys !! I just bought the upgrade to version 2 of the A380 for fsx I installed as described in wilco page. Installled the A380 for fs9 in THe FSX then Intalled the upgrade and uninstall the fs9 Version. Forst Then when i eneter inside the vconfig manager and select weights i see in the load manager of fsx those weights are different. I mean TH ZFW. More I select expert and dark and cold. When I load the plane i have all screens black but the fuel cut off levers under throttles are in on position and engines are on so i put them in off position. The batteris are on and external power aviable i click on external power but i have no energies in the plane all screen aside FMC and GPS are all black..More wiuth a TW of 800000 lBS the OPT Altitude calculated by the FMC is FL220.. Any Suggestion? I run it on Vista 64.. Thanks Alfredo
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